Weeds, excuse me, wild flowers!

Discussion in 'Lawn Care' started by dooley, May 6, 2012.

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    I wonder if anyone ever did a scientific study on why weeds or wildflowers grow to great heights and put on beautiful flowers and no one ever waters them. They only get water when it rains. This morning I went into the backyard. dr had mentioned he would maybe mow the yard this afternoon. So, I decided to pull the weeds around all the bushes and little trees so he could see them and wouldn't mow them down. I watered all the garden plants. We haven't had rain since March so I have to water all the trees, bushes and garden plants every two or three days. But, the weeds and wild flowers are growing great guns (a grandpa saying) and over running the other plants. They were even green last summer when everything else turned brown. It must be in their genes so I'm really surprised no one has done a scientific study to figure out another way to alter seeds so they wouldn't need water. Especially in countries lacking water supplies for food. After all, they have altered seeds for everything else. I don't buy altered seeds if they are marked but some companies do slip them in with others and some don't mark them at all.
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