what temperature for tomato plants? help!

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    First I'll give some background info. I have a small grow light; it's a shop light that has two lights, and the frame is made from PVC plastic pipe. The lights are hung from a chain made of S hooks, so I can adjust the light. The lights are 6500k, and 2,900 lumens each, for a total of 5,800 lumens.

    The tomato starter plants are grown under the set up I described above; the lights are about 2"-3" above the seedlings, and they are grown indoors.

    I want to know what the temperature should be for growing the seedlings....both the air temperature, and the soil temperature. I'm NOT talking about germination temperature, I want to know what the temperature should be for GROWING the seedlings.

    I've read that tomatoes should be grown at 60-65 degrees F. However, I've read that if temperatures are too cool, tomato starter plants will grow really slowly. However, I've also read that if the temperatures are too warm (70-75 degrees) the tomato starter plants could get leggy. So which temperature range should I use? I'm very confused!
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    At 60 to 65 degrees the plants are just going to sit there. They like it warm. 75 to 78 would be perfect for both soil and air temp in my opinion. I plant some early every year but they just do not get moving until it warms up.
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