What's The Best Gift You Can Give To Yourself?

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    We often give gifts to other people, like to friends and lived ones. And they too often do the same to us - It's how healthy human social behavior is.

    But what did we ever gift to ourselves? Which all friends and relatives of often overlooked. Including us ourselves, (always slipping from our mind to go get it).

    So now I finally gifted myself something that I always should have had! But be it for whatever reason, I never had it - Until now!

    A long snake catcher!

    5 feet in length.


    We have this headache over here since forever. Of highly poisonous snakes roaming around at the coast. So since a very long time, I've been killing snakes, (because if I didn't then they'll kill me for sure).


    However recently I learned that if you can somehow capture a venomous snake. Than there are a few places where you can donate it - Where they will make anti-venom from them. The snake too will always be taken care of.

    So it's a win win situation. As Inow have another option besides killing them!

    Snake also will get pampered for the rest of his or her remaining life, (might even get to breed in captivity with another snake).

    More availability of the anti-venom will reduce the cost of treatment for people who do accidentally get bitten by these snakes. Plus scientists too (like anti cancer researchers) will get more snake venom to experiment with.

    So who knows were this could lead!

    Best part is, no creature now dies a painful death. And so the balance of nature is maintained in a sustainable fashion...


    There needs to be a stick of equal length to go with this snake catcher, (which should have a coat hanger like hook at one end). To gently lift the snake from the middle after it'll been caught. So that stick I'll have to make myself.

    I think I'll get another snake catcher, but in 3 feet length. So I can have one for the home, and always keep one in the car too, (for when I'm fishing alongside the coastline).

    So anyhow, what are you now going to gift yourself with??? Think about it and share here - Anything that you always should have had, but be it for whatever reason, getting it always got overlooked? About time to realize what it could be. Then head out to buy it!



    This doesn't work very well when it comes to serpents which walk on 2 legs - Like my ostracized relatives for example... So for that type of pest control, a firearm is mandatory, (with an edged weapon as back-up).

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