When to spread compost in Fall?

Discussion in 'Organic Gardening' started by daisybeans, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Hey compost experts...

    Can I spread compost on my gardens at any time in Fall? The reason I ask is that yesterday I peeked in a book about composting and it said to spread compost "after the first killing frost but before the ground freezes completely." It also said that it was OK to just spread it over the top of the bed and not till it in until Spring.... I should have bought the book I suppose.

    I've got a composter full of compost that I was thinking about spreading today (November 15). We've had only very light frost at night so far. The areas where I was thinking of putting it are bare areas where I pulled up the veggies, as well as some beds with flowers.

    Thank you for your advice.
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    I've just put mine down recently Daisy. We had a really hard frost that even froze the pond so when it cleared I got to work. I don't till it in until after the last of the spring frosts are over. Hope this helps. :-D

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