Which bulbs do you plant in Fall and which in Spring?

Discussion in 'Flower Gardening' started by margie12u, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone' I pretty new when it comes to flower bulbs, Are there certain bulbs you can plant in the fall for spring.Can I plant lilies now for spring of next year, I just don't know what to do when it comes to bulbs.

    Thank you Margie :stew2:

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    I think generally any bulbs that bloom in Spring have to be planed in the Fall. Summer blooming bulbs can be planted in Spring or Fall either one depending on the plant.

    Lilies should be planted in the Fall since most bloom in early to late Spring...also Tulips, Iris, Daffs, Hyacinths and I think Crocus but there is a fall blooming Crocus that could be planted in late summer.

    You can pretty much tell when a bulb should be planted by when they show in garden centers or the mail catalog companies ship them.
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    I usually do not plant bulbs for spring blooming because the weather is too bad for me to get oiut to the allotments and enjoy them...but lately I have been planting crocuses for the bees that venture out early. I also got some free bulbs from the place that I ordered my strawberry plants from--Iris hollandica. I have planted them and see how they do. The pack said "mixed", so I expect them to have different colours.

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