Winterhouse Problem - Too much "puddling" - Need help

Discussion in 'Garden Design' started by cherylad, Nov 26, 2013.

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    I agree with carolyn keiper. That would be your quickest and easiest fix.
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    You know, Cheryl....if you elect to go for the clear plastic roofing that Carolyn and Ware suggest-- a big plus here would be that you could place plastic guttering and catch the rainwater in a large plastic water butt. Rainwater always comes in handy. ;)

    Those girls come up with the best ideas sometimes, don't they!

    There are not many negative points, only the cost-- unless you happen to have access to some second hand panels.

    Can't wait to see what you wind up doing.
  3. cherylad

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    Jerry... interesting idea. I could see how it might work after the puddle forms, but like Barb said, I don't think it could wick quickly enough during a rain to prevent the puddle from forming in the first place.

    Barb... kinda a Catch 22. The stakes (which were just basically long nails) just didn't have any "grip". I've replaced them with longer plastic one's that have "grooves". Anyhow... if stakes were good enough, maybe they would have held the tarp tighter and some of the water would have drained off. But it since it didn't... the ponds (not puddles this time) formed and they couldn't handle the weight... and up they came which allowed for more water retention.
    A vicious cycle! LOL
    Thanks for the link... but my frame is made of galvanized pipe and connections... not PVC/plastic.

    Ohhh... I'm not giving up and I WILL have this figured out very quickly... before the next rains... NOT next year.

    Carolyn... I had thought about that too. If this was going to be a permanent structure, then I'd probably go with your suggestion. I need to be able to easily put this thing up and take it down all by myself... just in case no one is around. So I'm leaning towards a more simple solution. But I won't dismiss this suggestion. Thanks!

    Sjoerd.... funny you mention about collecting the rainwater. It made me sad to just throw away the 10 gallons. But then.... all my rain barrels have been overflowing from all the recent rains. And nothing needs watering.Actually we need several days of sunshine to kinda dry things out. Too bad we can't get these rains in the middle of the summer!
    And about the cost... I've already sunk quite a few bucks into this, so I'm not against spending more to make it work properly.
    But I will try to the cheapest cure first, which just may be the wire since I know I have some already.
    My main concern for any fix that I try is to NOT have sharp edges that might rip/cut the tarp.

    I appreciate you all so much! :setc_083:
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    Chicken wire or any kind of rope/string will not do the job. There is a product called horse/cow panel available at Agway or Tractor supply. It comes in 3' or 4' by 16' and cost app $25. The wire to make the panels is 1/8" diameter and very strong. You could frame the panel with duct tape to keep from tearing your plastic. Place it across the top of your frame and wire/tape it in place. No amount of rain will sage it then.

    ( photo / image / picture from jbest123's Garden )


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