wow! peas are ready

Discussion in 'Member's Gallery' started by carolyn, May 30, 2012.

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    Those Kapucijners are not as sweet as other peas here either. One thing about harvesting them though--do not harvest them too late, as they will be mealy. I harvest mine just before they are swollen to their maximum size.

    Here we eat them as regular peas separate on the plate, or we mix them in with what we call a roerbak (mmmm--that might be stir-fry, but that isn't exactly what I mean)...we also use them as a meal unto themselves. You can buy "mixes" in the supermarkets here and when it is all cooked, then we chuck a dollop of picalilly on it for extra flavour. Picalilly is like a sort of chutney.

    I freeze them in for use later, but you can buy them dried in bags or in tins or glass jars for consumption.

    If the customers prepare them properly, they may enjoy eating them. I sure hope so for you. It will be a pity if no one at the markets buys them.

    Good luck, miss.
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    S, I had someone today here at my house who LOVED them. So maybe it is just a matter of preference. I think if they are mixed in with other peas they would not be noticed that they weren't as sweet, either. Who knows? If the feedback is favorable from the market I will save the seeds and grow them again next year. Kevin doesn't like them so I won't put any of them away for us. I will just take them to the market. the color is cool.

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