You could own this.

Discussion in 'Member's Gallery' started by Palustris, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Oh....hahahaha. That exposes my linguistic limitations.
    I hope that your move will go better than mine....or should I say that I hope that it will be less stressful than mine was. It actually went alright; it was just the logistics that were a pain.
    Good luck.
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    I totally understand the desire to downsize a yard. Will be wishing you the best in finding the perfect place to fit your current needs. Have been recently considering the possibilities of such a terrifying endeavor. So much accumulation of things, 35 years we’ been in our home. Hope you find the perfect buyer that can fully appreciate the oasis you have created. Maybe you will be able to take one or two of your favorite plants with you.

    When we sold our cabin we only took our clothes and the new owner was happy with us leaving the rest fully furnished with pictures on the walls and dishes and linens in the cupboards or on the beds. Only 13 years of accumulating there. Like us I am sure they will slowly make it their own. Won’t be so lucky if we decide to change homes.

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