Zinnia seeds, different colors?

Discussion in 'Flower Gardening' started by lucky, Jul 17, 2009.

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    I have what is probably a silly question-I save seeds from my zinnias every year-I plant them with a couple of new packages of seeds-anyway, will the seeds saved from a pink zinnia produce the same color?
    Of all the different colors I have, I only notice a few pale yellow flowers. If I want more of these, should I make sure to gather the seeds from these (yellow ones)? Thanks again

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    If the Zinnias are not hybrids then yes, the seeds should grow true to type and color of the parent.

    If you are growing more than one variety of Zinnia they may have cross pollinated with each other and you will have a different look and color.

    I have heard that the Zinnia cultivars like Envy could be sterile or produce some really weird blossoms when they reseed.

    I would save the seeds and enjoy the experiment each year. ;)

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