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Spring tips for your pond and fish.

Category: Pond project | Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:59 pm

Nearly time for you to start thinking about doing a spring-clean in your pond. The leaves left over from autumn should be cleaned up off the bottom of the pond before they have a chance to rot in the warmer water. If allowed to decompose in the water, they will become algae food! So use a net or your hands to get them out. If you have a huge build up of leaves and muck you should consider a thorough cleaning. If you just can't stick your hands in that cold water, there are long gloves called Aqua-Hands that will keep your hands and arms from getting wet and cold.

As soon as the water temperature reaches 50 degrees you can start feeding your fish. It is best to start with a wheat germ based, low protein food. Start with an every other day feeding for the first week or so. Then gradually add feedings as the water warms.
Once the water temperature is above 55 degrees consistently you can feed a staple summer food.

F i s h F e e d i n g G u i d e l i n e s.

50 degrees Stop feeding.
50-60 degrees Feed fish 1 X every other day
60-70 degrees Feed fish 2 X daily
70 degrees Feed fish 2 X daily.

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