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Would Love To See This Up Close

Category: Outdoor Gardening | Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:36 pm

While reading the News, I came across this great article on therapeutic gardening on the BBC.

It makes me long to have an outdoor garden of my own.

Speaking of. There's been no news on My Not So Secret Garden. In a way, that's good news because that means that the current holders of the plots are alive, well and functioning. I'd rather have them relinquish control of their plot(s?) of their own free will than be forced to due to death, injury or incapacity.

It's also good because I've only gotten the seeds thus far. I still have the other supplies and gear to get before I even think of gardening.

Even with all of this and the lateness of the season, I'm anxious to get started gardening outdoors.

On the Indoor front. I am getting a new Seed pod kit for the Aerogarden of Serendipity. This time, at the request of the Maternal Parental and on the occasion of her birthday, I'm growing Mega Cherry Tomatoes. They look pretty good in the pictures. Let's see how they turn out in the growing.

The Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers are growing very well under the artificial lighting. I saw flower buds prior to my docking the plants. I docked each pepper plant a few days ago in order to get them to branch out more. As of today, they're filling in quite nicely.

All the other plants are doing well too.

The Pelargonium is getting more and more leaves day by day. I expect it to flower within a few more weeks.

The Pineapples grown from seed are both doing very well. The Greater pineapple is big enough for a six inch pot while the Lesser pineapple is trying to play catch up via its growth habits. It's hard to believe that they were planted the same time.

The 'seedless' Navel orange tree has six true leaves on it.

The Aloe Vera has me worried it's going to come to life and start demanding a feeding.

The Lemongrass, despite being trimmed into obscurity, is rising once again to its former height of almost as tall as I am.

The Spider plant, newly placed in a larger pot a few weeks ago, is already starting to outgrow it.

The Snake plant is nearly my height and almost impossible to lift at this point. I have it on a rolling stand to move it around.

The Two Basils are doing alright. I think I need to get more water in both pots somehow, without spilling it all over my carpet.

That's about it for this update. Thank you for reading. Please, enjoy your day. :)

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Move Made - I'm On The Waitlist For A Plot

Category: Outdoor Gardening | Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:33 pm

One day, in the not too distant future, I hope to get a phone call or a letter in the mail stating that I now have the opportunity to get a garden plot at my local Community Garden.

I made the call today and got put on the waitlist. Priority goes to Senior Citizens, and rightly so, before going down the list of people who've been waiting a long time to get a plot. Then, comes me. I'm so excited!!!!!!

I have a small listing of supplies I might need on my wishlist waiting for me to buy them. I need new hand tools as mine are old and rusted. I also, probably, need a spade. I was considering getting a short handled one.

Then, I have to get seeds and plants. Holy Molybdenum, I'm finally getting an outdoor garden!!!!!!!!

In other exciting news, I'm getting the Aerogarden Bounty today!!!!!!

My friend is buying my Ultra LED and the payment from that is partially financing the purchase of the newer Aerogarden, which I'm now calling the Aerogarden of Serendipity.

Right now, I'm ripening the last of the tomatoes on the plants in the Ultra LED. Hopefully, they'll ripen a little more quickly. I'm trying to keep the temperature at optimum levels for tomato ripening but it is Winter here and still very chilly outside.

That's about it, apart from my crocheting a cardigan for the Maternal Parental and a Boba Fett figurine for my friend.

Have a fantastic day, All!!!!! :)

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Expanding My Territory

Category: Outdoor Gardening | Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:33 pm

I am finally making moves to getting more growing space. In my community, there are garden plots available for rental for as low as $20USD per year. I am not sure as to the specifics beyond that but, if this is still accurate, you are reading the words of someone who is going to seize this opportunity as soon as it flies past her. For that princely sum, I would get a 4 foot x 20 foot plot to grow stuff in and a key to the growing space.

As much as I love the Aerogarden for snacks/light meals, it is not sustainable for anything more than that in the long term. As it stands, I do not have the room in my room to make a hydroponics system that could feed everyone I would like to feed. So, with that door closed to me for the foreseeable future, my most feasible option is to get a soil based growing space and work from there. Heck, for the space advertised, I could feed a lot of people I would like to feed. I have already promised some of the future harvest to one friend and another has automatic rights to the harvest as well because he is such a good friend and has helped us tremendously. It is only a question of getting the plot and supplies at this point.

It is also just a matter of getting the supplies to the growing space once I get it. I am definitely going to grow tomatoes and peppers. While peppers might not need staking, the tomatoes I would like to grow certainly will. For that, I would need the supplies for a trellis system. I would have no problems getting the stuff. I will just need to figure out a way to get it to the site. I do not know anyone with a truck, so I would either have to walk it from where I live or hire someone. I really do not think they would let me on the bus with some of the supplies.

Seeds are no difficulty. In fact, they are probably going to be one of the easiest things to acquire/transport. I will start them indoors here and then carry them to the grow site once they are big enough to survive on their own.

I am giddy with anticipation!!!!! :) :) :)

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