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Mark of Intention - Garden Plots

Category: My Not So Secret Garden | Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2022 9:05 am

Several years ago, I put in for a community garden plot close to my home. Just when I was on the cusp of having the hope of getting accepted into that garden community, it was snatched away and postponed until I'm fifty or older. So I've now got a little over a nine-year wait. It cannot be helped.

This year, while I will still play nice because that's just how I operate, I will be less self-sacrificing in the face of adversity. If there is a garden plot out there, my ambition is to get to it.

Given that I have no car and will be dependent upon either the transit system or rides, this will take more than a bit of planning. Baltimore is a big place for a pedestrian and some people here have great difficulties driving with accuracy.

I am also agoraphobic, with a host of other issues along with that one. However, in the furtherance of my goal to grow gardens and help others, I think I can push it aside long enough to get several hours of gardening in before getting back to the protection of my room.

With Food Insecurity so high right now, I could be an asset to the people I know in that I could grow a few gardens, give away the food, and hopefully, encourage others to grow gardens themselves. This would have the effect of encouraging people to not only eat healthier and wholesome diets but would also encourage more physical activity and improved health conditions overall.

I keep having this recurring dream of a network of gardens and gardeners. Each person growing a little but contributing to the greater whole and helping alleviate the sufferance so many have been under in food deserts and food-insecure regions.

This is a lot to take on. More a wishlist than a plan at this point but I think I can do it. :)

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