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Posted: 19 Nov 2010
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Posted: 29 Apr 2009
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Posted: 17 Apr 2009
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Posted: 10 Feb 2009
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Posted: 15 Jul 2008

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Red-faced and ashamed

Category: Lessons in my life | Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:10 am

What has become of me?? I am experiencing so many emotions and some of those emotions are just plain ugly. I feel ashamed, stupid, bad, exhilarated...
I feel ashamed and red-faced because in the time I was supposed to be getting better after the accident, - and my son helping me so diligently, I got better alright, in fact so much better that I became an internet surfer (par excellence) to the extent that I became an online trader. Imagine lil old me shifting monies around at the click of a mouse button.... Though this was in the time I was supposed to be getting better and get on with my regular life and activities. I stopped helping dear hubby out, I stopped stewing, I did not even garden or surf the garden stew. I was soooo stupid. Stupid because I could have been visiting Garden Stew and enjoy my regular morning stewing. More stupid because in my online trading efforts, when things were running so smoothly and I was making some monies, I accidently clicked on the wrong sport and took a substantial loss losing a mini- fortune. I had to make up the loss again and it took quite some time. Bottom line I neglected the important things in my life. Now how stupid is that.
Though I also felt exhilarated since I learned so much about trading, futures, commodities, equities and warrants, etc. and is still learning. In fact I made up my mini fortune loss to a point where I can now afford to take my family out on a holiday. Oops I almost said do away on a holiday. I do not want to go away. I should rather be getting back to my usual stuff, the good stuff. I must make time to stew with the Garden Stew crew, I must garden again, I must try to make green fig preserve (my figs are pushing out their first crop for the season), I must play with my pets, I must start swimming again, no more running as the arthritis has a hold on me. I want to go fishing or rather collecting muscles for bait,, etc...
With that said, I will start with stewing...

I just hope that this lesson that I learned will not be forgotton..

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And the lesson continued

Category: Lessons in my life | Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:36 am

And the lesson continued
I did more wrong things, I found out later. Since this was my first ever accident / injury / mistake with a pair of secateurs, I removed the secateurs.

The wound opened wide, tissue and blood oozing out. I moved real fast - ran to the bathroom, grabbed a clean towel and wrapped the towel tightly around my arm and then made the phone call to my sister.

I was told afterwards that it is best to leave the secateurs in since there was no bleeding while the secateurs was lodged in my forearm. I did not know that and the consequence of my ignorance was a lot of red stuff everywhere.

My dear sister cleaned up for me when she brought me home from the hospital. It was not too painful - in fact painkillers made me feel "Comfortably Numb" (I cannot resist this one Frank). The shock was however, well "shocking" I had nightmares for quite a while always waking up still seeing the secateurs lodged in my arm. Fortunately the nightmares also stopped now.
I was so relieved when the staples got removed. I could not do anything without the effort pulling on the staples and the risk of infection is much less now.

So the garden is a mess, but like Sjoerd advised, "the garden can wait". Besides Stewing will make me feel better too.

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The lesson I have learnt

Category: Lessons in my life | Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:09 am

I have learnt my lesson - the hard way.
Last time I could Stew was when I stated by new blog and my son just left after his visit. Naturally I had a lot of catching up to do in both the garden, which was beginning to look and feel neglected, and running, swimming, and not to mention stewing with the stewbies.

With no one at home at the time, I thought that I would start by deadheading the roses, and cleaning up around the Zantedeschias. Thus I set out on my garden rehab quest, armed with my little bin, wearing my garden gloves and a new pair of open secateurs in my hand. Just as I was making my way out of the kitchen, my ankle gave way and I started falling and could not stop and break my fall. When I looked down, I just saw the blade of the secateurs lodging itself in my lower right arm.

With no one at home, but myself, I wrapped up my arm and called my sister who lives in another suburb not too far, say about 10 minutes drive, away from me, she then drove me to hospital. It is quicker than calling for an ambulance and having to wait on them.
At the hospital they fixed me up with 7 staples all along the inside of my right arm about 10 centimeters up from my wrist. Gosh, the doctors told me it was a hairs breadth away from the main tendons and arteries. Then only it struck me, what if?!

Alas, that is why I have been absent. Every time I tried to it pulls on the staples. The staples came out yesterday.

It serves as a good warning...

I should never have had the secateurs open in my hand carrying a little bin with my garden gloves on.

When I stepped out of the kitchen into that back yard, on the little step, the dogs left some of their toys and that is what caused my fall.

So, that's my news and the lesson that I learnt the hard way, and why I have been away from the forum, which I have missed.

Last edited: Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:11 am

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