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Category: Cool Gnome Guys | Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:39 pm

I've actually been busy the past month. My sister and I were driving down the road and past a house where an old elm was getting cut down. They were hauling all the stumps to the curb and we past the massive pile. I must of made a noise as my neck cracked trying to look at all the stumps because she ask "you wanna go back?". My sister and I are twins and we do have the ability to know what the other is thinking. She was just a little off because she was thinking Fairies but I was thinking Gnomes. All I was thinking was there's a whole pile of Gnome Homes.

She turned around and went back. I'm sure the tree cutter downer guys thought I was a little odd but I didnt care. I knew that a chance of acquiring a couple tree stumps that were hollowed out and big wouldnt come around very often. These stumps were so big that I could barely lift them or roll them around to look. After a few minutes of looking I'd found the perfect stump and one I could lift. They said to take all I wanted but I knew one stump would fill up the back of my sisters small car. After I got it home I was wanting more stumps so I called my brother because I knew the others I'd need help with. My brother told his wife he was leaving to help me get some stumps for Gnome Homes and she said "cant you think of anything better as an excuse to get out of the house?" Probably would sound crazy to most but I know most of you all can relate.

Here's a before picture of what "the perfect stump" looked like.

It didnt take long before I knew what I was going to do with this stump. I knew I wanted to put a roof on it. I got lucky as my brother had scrap pieces of plywood and pickets from an old fence that I could have so 'roof'n' it didnt cost me anything. I found an old can of wood protector/sealer in the basement so the entire stump got coated with it. That made the wood colors pop..I was pleased. I made a little sign and found a little tea lite lantern and painted a little wheelbarrow.

My nephew was with me and helped pick out my first Gnome last February so he got to name this Gnome. Now before anyone thinks I'm capable of dreaming up cute Gnome names I'll admit that there's a Gnome Name Generator on the web. I picked out a few I liked and the kids to get to pick from that list.

Here's Bimpwinkles new Gnome Home.

Before the Gnome Home project I'd already made a Gnome door and windows for the tree. I put brick steps leading up to it. My granddaughter Madyson picked out a Gnome and named him Dimwick. I still need to make his name sign and get it hung above his door. Only Gnomes can open a Gnome door. If humans try they'll only see the tree and no the story goes.

I have two more Gnome Homes to make. One is to go under the lilac bush and I'd hoped to get it done before the lilac blooms..I better hurry.

Need help naming your Gnomes?

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