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searching for a recipe

Category: tomatoes | Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:15 pm

I have decided that with my 'bitter' tomatoes I am going to try and make chutney, all I know is I want a recipe that has apple in it as my brother made some last year and it was delicious. He found the recipe online but has not got it now, I dont know if I would have to skin all the tomatoes which would be fun as they are mainly cherry toms I have grown or if I can use them with the skins. Also the recipes I looked at called for pickling spice which neither my mum or I have seen anywhere, if anyone has any recipes that are good please please let me know I would be so grateful, I might even put a 'wanted' in the recipe section. The tomatoes are ripening slowly and im guessing if I refridgerate them they will last until i have enough to make a batch of the chutney even if I have to make a small batch ill try. My husband is keen on me trying it so he can have homemade lamb burgers with homemade relish, personally I like it with a good crumbly Lancashire cheese.I think I am going to enjoy having a go at making this

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photos of my tomatos

Category: tomatoes | Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:52 pm

this is the microtom plant which is covered in little fruits currently on the outside of the kitchen window sill

this is the largest plant i have but cant decide what size the tomatoes will be they are very green

this is the third plant with what look small beef tomatos but again cant decide what size they will develop to

this is the top of the larger plant and as you see it is still flowering so will be quite some time before the tomatoes develop
we have ahd a cold wet summer untill last few days when it has brightened up and become quite hot for here i am an impatient soul and want to try my firstt attempt at growing my own tomatoes

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welcome to my first GardenStew blog

Category: tomatoes | Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:09 pm

oh my what a wash out summer for us has been so far I am an amateur gardener with big ideas and next to no garden lol sooooo we bought a mini greenhouse ( literally shelves with a cover and my mom donated 3 tomato plants , a microtom which is quite wonderfully covered in little green fruits and two taller varieties that i cannot decide are cherry tomatoes or just an average sized tomato under developed so far. I have had them out in the open as our cover tore in a freak windy couple of days and have yet to replace now to my annnoyance as yet we have not even a sign of any of the fruits ripening. The microtom is covered in small fruits but no sign of ripening and the other 2 plants my hubby is convinced are large varieties that are not yet up to full size. The plants went in a little late around the beginging of may i think and have grown tall and bushy my puzzle is do i get them under cover either indoors or under the plastic cover or do i just have to have a little more patience, my mum has them in a plastic covered greenhouse and she also has had none ripening but the fruits look larger yet fewer of them what a quandry if i can get photos of them i will post

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