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new project

Category: general garden | Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:18 pm

We lost my mother in law last january and my father in law has been left in the house by himself they have a large back garden and a coldframe, my mother in law was a keen gardener and always kept her garden looking immaculate but since she died the garden has been left except from the lawn being mowed, after speaking to my husband and my father in law my husband and I are going to take on responsibility for the garden and get it back to looking good and use the greenhouse for tomatoes, peppers and maybe courgettes/zucchini, I am really looking forward to the milder weather to start getting stuck into to the garden and making it come alive again it needs a lot of weeding and cutting back of plants but we will get there I am sure, I have already got myself excited about starting seeds indoors and transferring to the garden or coldframe. Watch this space for future developments !!

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crazy weather

Category: general garden | Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:58 am

well the weather has been crazy for july and august so far we had a few days of hot weather then it went back to being rainy and cool we have had a lot of wind and my tomato plants poor things have been battered but they seem to be holding their own we have plentiful fruits just nothing showing a hint of ripening which is a shame i am getting impatient !! the strangest thing was we put some hyacinth bulbs outside we got as a gift in january and flowered inside when they were done lazily the pot was left outside to be dealt with my husband was pottering in the garden yesterday and found them and they have shooted and are well on their way the shoots ae about n inch and a half above the soil level poor things obviously think it is spring we have brought them inside and will keep an eye on them even the most neglected things seem to want to grow !! we also have a sunflower that my husband planted into the ground and it has not 1 not 5 but 10 flower heads forming on it i will have to get pictures and post them on here but it has been raining and windy so as yet havent got any shots of it i hope everyone elses garden is a little more normal and i am now concerned about this pot of potatoes we are growing that they will rot with all the rain

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general garden musings

Category: general garden | Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:25 pm

here are some pictures of my little bits of pots in the garden it isnt all of them but these are the ones i have so far

this is our sunflower these are great we have a number of them grown from bird seed of my moms this is the only one thats started top open out

this is the maigold anniversary gift off my mom the flowers are soon dropping because of the heat of the last few days but they have been wonderful and the bees and insects love them

these are two pots of flowers by the kitchen door on on the right with the maigold rose in and the smaller one has geranium fuscia and busy lizzies in
they wilt so fast and need plenty of water ive found

this is another pot by the wall surrounded by a potted sycamore that leaves are burnt the fuscia is in its second year and looked like a bunch of dead sticks then all of a sudden it came to life and this is the result the geranium and busy lizzies are suffocated

this is my medium to small sized tomato plant it isnt looking healthy i am going to feed her and see if she picks up the fruit are swelling now but the leaves look very unhappy
My husband has promised me for next year he will build me a raised vegetable plot along the back wall as it gets the most sun i have a very small back garden and is in need of attention i will pester him and try get this veg garden built so i can plant some lovely things for next year im thinking carrots and parsnips and lettuces and beetroot maybe radishes and leeks i am so new to all this i will have to do some searching find out what space and conditions things need id also like to grow tomatos again in pots and maybe if possible sweet peas in pots. we also plan on potatoes in sacks and if i possibly could id like blueberry bush and raspberry canes my research must begin soon

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