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Posted: 10 Jun 2010
messages from nature
Posted: 26 May 2010
There's fear and loathing and then there's just fear....
Posted: 22 May 2010
therapeutic blogging
Posted: 21 May 2010

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There really was a light at the end of the tunnel....

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:58 pm

and thankfully it wasn't a train! after a lot of soul searching i finally broke down and called the in-laws and asked for a loan....the generosity of these sweet people helped me end a garnishment to mark's pay, catch up on the utilities and begin to put the pieces of our troubled existence back in order..the depression that has smothered me for the last year has lifted, even if temporarily, and i am more thankful than i can now i am tasked with the unenviable task of cleaning up our financial house and keeping it clean! I haven't had the heart to work in my flower beds, i'm not sure how much of this slovenliness i can blame on depression and how much i should attribute to just being flat out lazy!!!Occasionally mark will bend over and pull a few of the larger weeds out of the front beds when he's passing by, notice i said "occasionally" just like we "occasionally" have a blue moon..anyway there was this tall looking "weed" at the end of the front bed just on the edge, it was a little taller than the coreopsis planting and definitely had a different type of leaves but the dear boy decided to leave it there...i kept an eye on it just out of curiosity because i thought it was some sort of volunteer dropped by a benevolent bird..low and behold, this wayward "weed" has shown itself to be a heliopsis-"Summer Sun" i purchased from a mail order "workshop" that i refuse to name b/c i wasn't happy with quality of the plants i received 6 years ago and will not give them publicity either positive or negative....the 3 heliopsis i bought that season promptly died on me and i never saw any again...could someone be trying to tell me something???just when you least expect it something beautiful can and will happen in life and maybe in your flower bed too!...i wonder if this flower is an indication that good things are coming our way...maybe the light at the end of the tunnel was just a little "Summer Sun"

Heliopsis-"Summer Sun" ( photo / image / picture from tonya's Garden )

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messages from nature

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 2:27 pm

this july 25th we will celebrate our ninth year in this house. although it's not the grandest of homes it is ours and we love it. our front porch is unique to the homes in our cul-de-sac and we have two rocking chairs on ours to sit out and take advantage of the nice spring evenings without being bothered by the mosquitoes too badly. For years i have been fascinated by the pine trees belonging to the neighbors across the street. I make no apologies for not being able to identify them by their latin names, i have a hard time using the english language correctly i will never master the latin required to identify plants its better for me to leave that up to the experts....but i believe these trees are trying to tell me something. To my left is a big honking pine tree, oh about 100 feet tall, and when the new cones start to take shape they look for all the world like CROSSES!!! I don't think these pictures do them justice but they really look like crosses!

i call this one the "jesus tree" ( photo / image / picture from tonya's Garden )I call this one the "jesus tree". To my right is another pine tree of roughly the same height. The difference between these two trees is the message i get from them...the tree on the right looks for all the world like it is flipping me off!!!!

i call this one the "evil tree" ( photo / image / picture from tonya's Garden )I'm sure there's a logical if not scientific explanation for the difference in the cone growth pattern for each of these trees but it's more fun for me to let my imagination run away. I happen to be both "apolitical" and "areligious" these are private matters that i prefer to keep in the confines of my bedroom, but sometimes i think these trees are trying to tell me something. Could it be that the "jesus tree" is trying to tell me that there is a higher being looking out for and maybe down on me? or is the "evil tree" flipping me the bird and yelling obsenities? either way the "jesus tree" makes me smile when i see it and the "evil tree"?? i smile at it too...while giving it my own one fingered salute...right back at you buddy!...tonya 05/26/10

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There's fear and loathing and then there's just fear....

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 3:29 pm

i finally decided to carry myself out to the yard with the camera to document any progress i might make against the weeds this weekend...doady doa here i go just wandering around...see the daisies budding, can't wait for them, oooh the clematis is really pretty, haven't seen that color in the neighborhood, good choice! wish i knew her name, maybe i can find the tag somewhere, WHAT'S THAT???SNAKE!!!!oh my gosh!dang he's long!holy moly he's looking right at me!!YUCK!!!I probably shouldn't be letting him slither underneath the house...wonder if there are any holes in the ductwork...could he crawl up to the registers and get in the house????better run in the house and close them all...I know regular old black snakes are good because they take care of the rodents but dang couldn't he hang out near the mole/vole runs instead of right there by the astilbes where i need to weed??Then i ask myself is there a similarity between snakes and banks? Snakes keep the rodent population down for me but scare me to death, one good for one bad...Banks practically bend over backwards to loan someone money when they don't desperately need it but slam the vault doors on someone who's had a some trouble and just need a little boost,one good for one bad????Snakes scare the living daylights out of me but they do serve a good purpose. Banks have scared me from ever borrowing money again and i'm beginning to loathe their good pupose...tonya 05/22/2010

stinkin' snake sleathering under the house ( photo / image / picture from tonya's Garden )

He scared me so bad i couldn't even hold the camera steady! ( photo / image / picture from tonya's Garden )

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therapeutic blogging

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 3:33 pm

welcome to my blog i have decided to start this as a form of therapy i am a perpetually novice gardener who is married to a dear man who has created a very difficult life for us gardening used to bring me significant therapeutic value but given our current economic situation i can't afford the compost, mulch, new plants etc. that i needed to maintain the beds i have created over the last 8 years although...weeding doesn't cost anything i simply can't get motivated...maybe this blog will help deliver me from the dispicable D's...depression, desolation, despair...i have never had a lot of patience for people who complain about depression, my response has always been get over thyself!!!now i know...i find it curious that life can be compared to a flower pull the weeds and prepare a spot for the most gorgeous of flowers because they need a clean healthy environment in which to thrive and if you fail to maintain a constant vigilence the weeds come back to choke your blossoms so like dreams and end up right where you started an ugly weedy patch of land that will require way more hard work and energy to restore...and that is where my life is hope for this blog is that by typing my thoughts here i can somehow rejuvenate the flower bed of my life before it becomes a barren dry patch of land incapable of supporting even the most vicious of weeds. the coreopsis, the fairy rose, the scabiosa and the stella d'oro lilies are blooming and i guess it's time for me to leave this pity party and get off my butt and go pull some weeds while we still get to claim ownership of these darling flowers...i don't know how we're going to pull ourselves out of this hole and i'm sure things could and probably will get worse but at least there's flowers...tonya 05/21/10

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