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therapeutic blogging

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 3:33 pm

welcome to my blog i have decided to start this as a form of therapy i am a perpetually novice gardener who is married to a dear man who has created a very difficult life for us gardening used to bring me significant therapeutic value but given our current economic situation i can't afford the compost, mulch, new plants etc. that i needed to maintain the beds i have created over the last 8 years although...weeding doesn't cost anything i simply can't get motivated...maybe this blog will help deliver me from the dispicable D's...depression, desolation, despair...i have never had a lot of patience for people who complain about depression, my response has always been get over thyself!!!now i know...i find it curious that life can be compared to a flower pull the weeds and prepare a spot for the most gorgeous of flowers because they need a clean healthy environment in which to thrive and if you fail to maintain a constant vigilence the weeds come back to choke your blossoms so like dreams and end up right where you started an ugly weedy patch of land that will require way more hard work and energy to restore...and that is where my life is hope for this blog is that by typing my thoughts here i can somehow rejuvenate the flower bed of my life before it becomes a barren dry patch of land incapable of supporting even the most vicious of weeds. the coreopsis, the fairy rose, the scabiosa and the stella d'oro lilies are blooming and i guess it's time for me to leave this pity party and get off my butt and go pull some weeds while we still get to claim ownership of these darling flowers...i don't know how we're going to pull ourselves out of this hole and i'm sure things could and probably will get worse but at least there's flowers...tonya 05/21/10

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Frank wrote on Fri May 21, 2010 4:15 pm:

Gardening will always be there to help. Even if it is pulling weeds it does help to clear the mind and escape from stress.

Stay well and happy Tonya.


Jewell wrote on Sat May 22, 2010 2:48 am:

Hang in there. It has been tough for a lot of folks over the last few years. I don't know anyone who hasn't been impacted. Hopefully you will be able to move through the rough times and I hope your blog helps. Thoughts and well wishes are with you, and keep pulling weeds.

P.S.I'm guility of pulling public weeds on the boardwalk. :)

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