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Brrrrrr It has arrived

Category: Fall | Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:48 pm

Been chipping ice out of the bird baths all week the cold has finally arrived. My birds are coming in numbers which I do not mind at all. Been fighting off 4 stray cats that are getting a bit to close to the feeders. I love cats but I love my birds to.

Got my roses all trimmed and covered had to bring in a few cutting since they were still blooming. My Northern Flickers are still showing up almost daily I posted a photo in the Members Gallery, and I got my first Titmouse yesterday. They fast fast little birds. :)

All that's I have left to do is remove the fountain from the yard pond and I am all ready for the Winter months. We are suppose to have a warm up got to love Indiana weather. Snow one day... 70 and sunny the next!

Thought I might just bring some Spring memories back as I end this blog....just want to hang on to the thought as long as I can. LOL

Little Skipper ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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