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Posted: 08 Dec 2010
The small things
Posted: 04 Dec 2010
I'm Back
Posted: 28 Nov 2010
Brrrrrr It has arrived
Posted: 07 Nov 2010
Bird Sanctuary on back deck
Posted: 30 Oct 2010

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Finally I See Sunshine

Category: Fall | Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:20 pm

Seems like forever since I seen the sun. So glad it is back gives me such a warm feeling. The temps are still low low low but the sun always makes the day seem a bit more cheerful.
Still have to chip ice out of the birds water twice a day thought about a heater but really don't want the cords so until they come up with a solar powered heater I will just keep chipping it out and filling them with fresh water.
Had to call the furnace guy this morning boy they sure don't make new things like they made the old things. We had our old furnace for over 20 years other than it's yearly check up we never had any trouble with it.
Got a new suppose to be better one 4 years ago and have had to have it worked on 2 times already...just crazy.
Well off to get back to work everyone have a great day!

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The small things

Category: Fall | Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:56 pm

They said we were going to get 1 to 4 inches of snow today woke up to snow and still getting snow. The birds are out in numbers again I am just glad I have a place for them to come and drink and eat.
Had a few Grackles show up today and it must be the artist in me but they looked so pretty on the snow background :) but I did chase them off after getting a few photos. My male and female Cardinals showed up again today the male seemed to look so bright it may have been the white snow and the cloudy skies.
I sit and watched the little Golden Finches ice skating across the pond today he-he pretty funny to watch. And here I thought I would be so bored when winter came and spring and summer was gone. But I find myself finding small things that make me laugh.
I did not realize that watching birds so closely could be such a joy. Of all the birds I get here I will have to say that the one that makes me laugh the most is the Nuthatch now I know why they have such big feet.
More later!

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I'm Back

Category: Fall | Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:43 pm

Been away for awhile now time to catch up. Was a bit under the weather but feeling a bit better now. I did get everything done outside to prepare for the winter months.

Seeing the sunshine for the first time in a few days does makes you feel much better. Don't like gray days :) Had a great Thanksgiving hope everyone else did to.

A lot of laughs and games. Laughed so hard my sides hurt.
Been taking photos of the birds that have been out like crazy. I am sure I will be seeing Deer before to long I always do when hunting season arrives.

They run from one woods to another and right through my yard. The wood behind the house hunting is allowed and the woods in front of the house no hunting is allowed. It is like the Deer know.

I'll share a photo I took the other day in hopes to make everyone smile! Have a great Day!

Sparrow ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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Brrrrrr It has arrived

Category: Fall | Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:48 pm

Been chipping ice out of the bird baths all week the cold has finally arrived. My birds are coming in numbers which I do not mind at all. Been fighting off 4 stray cats that are getting a bit to close to the feeders. I love cats but I love my birds to.

Got my roses all trimmed and covered had to bring in a few cutting since they were still blooming. My Northern Flickers are still showing up almost daily I posted a photo in the Members Gallery, and I got my first Titmouse yesterday. They fast fast little birds. :)

All that's I have left to do is remove the fountain from the yard pond and I am all ready for the Winter months. We are suppose to have a warm up got to love Indiana weather. Snow one day... 70 and sunny the next!

Thought I might just bring some Spring memories back as I end this blog....just want to hang on to the thought as long as I can. LOL

Little Skipper ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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Bird Sanctuary on back deck

Category: Nature | Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:05 pm

Coffee in hand and it's now Stew time! Got a lot of work done outside yesterday after work. Got most of the outdoor garden decor put up for the winter, switched out the bird feeding area.
In the winter months I move the bird feeding area inside under the roof of the back deck. Got the deck mounted bird baths out...put up the two fake in each corner.
Did not take them long to find everything. My husband says if I keep this up I am going to end up with a bird sanctuary on the back deck LOL! But at least my little feathery friends have a place of shelter for the winter!

Finches ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

Sparrow ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

Finches ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

Downy ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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Not looking forward to winter!

Category: Nature | Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:39 pm

Well I think I am going to have to except the fact that winter is on it's way. I have to give up and stop trying to hold on. My Cardinals are back and I have seen 4 Junco's and the Golden Finches are out in large numbers.
The only color I have left in my gardens are my roses and butterfly bushes. Still have a small amount of butterflies fluttering around the back pasture not too many but a few. Due to the dry conditions the fall colors are just not as bright and vivid as they have been in the past.
Went out to the local Conservation Club this past weekend and got some nice scenic photo's this is one of my favorites.

Signs Of Fall ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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The Beauty Of Nature!

Category: Fall | Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:21 pm

It is not often that one has the time to really sit back and enjoy and take in the beauty of all the things in nature. This year I started doing just that...I started to notice the small things that before I did not pay much attention to.
Like the beauty in a butterfly or the different personalities of the birds. I talk walks to the back pasture and look a little closer at the critters. I notice as the seasons change so does what nature brings. You see less butterflies and more spiders and bees.
Some say it's just a butterfly but I now see the beauty in that butterfly...some say it's just a dragonfly but I now say it's much more than just a dragonfly.

Dragonfly ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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One of my favorite Butterflies

Category: Butterflies | Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:17 pm

Who am I kidding I am a butterfly nut and I like them all. But one of the hardest to catch for me was the Giant Yellow Swallowtail but I am a very patient person so I waited...and waited. And finally I did not even have to chase it all over the back pasture it landed right at my feet on my flowers.

Giant Yellow Swallowtail ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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Simple Signs Of Fall

Category: Fall | Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:16 pm

I am now seeing the signs that fall is here. Only thing left blooming are my roses, my aster and my butterfly bushes. I am seeing more bee's than butterflies. The Garden Spiders have taken over the back pasture so I have to be very careful when trying to get photo's. The birds are still filling up at the feeders seem to have more woodpeckers than last year. Thought I would share a photo of one of my roses this is my Hot Pink Rose.

Pink Rose ( photo / image / picture from naturenanni's Garden )

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