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Garden wildlife

Category: Garden Highlights | Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 11:46 am

Gardens are, of course, more than just plants; I share mine with loads of other creatures.
One of my favourites is the song thrush that sings from just before dawn (about 04:00) until late at night, and still finds time to help keep down the slugs and snails. I don't see him very often, but I do find evidence that he's been there, like this:

Song Thrush Anvil ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

There are several anvils like that around the garden.
Another visitor that helps keep the snails population down also leaves little 'calling cards'...

Hedgehog calling card ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

He's usually around only at dawn and dusk, but yesterday I found him waddling across the lawn. He curled up in a ball as soon as I got near, and although I waited for ages, he refused to uncurl. And those spikes are amazingly sharp! Although he only weighs two or three pounds, it's not possible to pick him up with bare hands.

Hedgehog ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

And of course there is the cheeky little bird found in most English gardens.

Robin ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

If I start to do anything that involves disturbing the soil, such as hoeing, weeding, digging, etc, then he will appear and come very close, within a couple of feet, snatching up tiny insects and worms - unless I have a camera, in which case he refuses to come near enough for a decent picture, hence the bad one above!
Apart from these, I also get frogs, toads, many other birds including wrens, blackbirds, sparrows, wood pigeons, great tits, collared doves and starlings. Very occasionally I see a fox; I suspect he is actually a frequent visitor, but only when there are no humans around.
And although I tend to think of it as MY garden, I suppose many of these animals have just as much right to the place as I have!

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eileen wrote on Thu May 12, 2011 12:02 pm:

I'm always thrilled when I discover something new in my garden. Apart from sparrowhawks who are regular visitors now I've actually seen a stoat. He has been caught unawares by me twice this year already. He stops what he's doing, gives me a long look and then dashes for cover. Wildlife, to me, makes my garden complete.


OrangeKing wrote on Thu May 12, 2011 9:33 pm:

Lucky you, Eileen! The last time I saw a living stoat was back in the '60s! I know there are some in this area (Cambridgeshire) because I saw a dead one at the roadside last year, but they keep themselves well hidden.

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