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Got a surprise

Category: Ed's Balcony Garden | Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:46 pm

Well friends after a beautiful weekend,now we must pay.
But that's not the reason for this post.
The plants are doing good, and this morning as every morning I visit my balcony to check on the plants and see if there are any Mourning Doves downstairs eating seed.
Well this morning I did the same and thought it was a stray dog downstairs,but it turned out to be TOM,a wild turkey.
This bird was huge and he or she came back for lunch.
I also have Mickey here.
That's a mouse about as big as my thumb,who lives under my balcony.
If the rain keeps up I will need an ARK!
Sorry I don't have any photos of either,but now I will be working on it.
Later ed

From my friend ( photo / image / picture from Edlou8181's Garden )

Smaller view of same flower ( photo / image / picture from Edlou8181's Garden )

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Frank wrote on Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:35 pm:

Haha you are funny Ed :)

Edlou8181 wrote on Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:47 pm:

Thanks Frank

mart wrote on Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:42 pm:

What is that flower ?? Its gorgeous !!

Edlou8181 wrote on Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:52 pm:

From what I know it is a a Dahila That my friend got at Walmart.
Was to experts yesterday and still getting over I'm NOT with Baby:)
Been Very sleepy today.
Your babies are doing good.
I hate feeling this way, with my health,NEVER felt this way B 4
Sleep warm,and thanks

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