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A Frightening Day

Category: Ed's Balcony Garden | Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:09 am

Well friends it's been a little while BUT today was something that my Keets will never forget.
Yesterday while was out walking I noticed 6 chicken hawlks over head.
This morning I placed Frick & Frack on the balcony for some air and sun.
All of suddent there was a Chicken Hawk on top of the keet cage.
Of course the parakeets were flying around
the cage.
I went and had to get the chicken hawk off the balcony and it did fly away.
For 2 hours I didn't hear a peep from either one.
I thought that Frack was going to die because of her breathing but they are both sleeping,
The size of that chicken hawk was even big for me.
Sleep warm

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Frank wrote on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:00 pm:

What a scare for Frick and Frack. I bet they were never so happy to be caged!

Edlou8181 wrote on Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:49 am:

Frank thanks for the words and for 3 hours neither keet made a sound,but they both made up for it the past 2 days.

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