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What a crazy day

Category: Ed's Balcony Garden | Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:54 am

Well friends its been a CRAZY day here with awful heat.
It started out not bad at 7:00 this morning but got really bad around 2PM
The temp outside was 102 and the heat index was around 111 and that is where I have to watch my parakeets.
The fireworks are going off in Phila Pa as I can hear them but not see them.
Back to the keets,they were in most of the day because I saw Frack panting like a dog so they both came in and they eat then took a snooze.
The sun went behind clouds and I heard thunder.
The birds were back out and the temp had cooled off to 80 and then the storms.
First was to get the babies out of the rain,move my little plants to a safe place and raise my shade before it was destroyed.
The lightning and thunder was the worse I have whitnessed in my 69 years.
In fact the storm is gone but its still raining with lightning.
Will talk to you tomorrow Happy 4th.
sleep cool

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