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Starting to lose my garden

Category: Liberty's "Victory" Garden | Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:39 am

The cooler weather has hit Wyoming. We've had some recent nights that have dropped into the 40's and most days the past week haven't moved out of the 70's. As a result, I can tell that my first year of gardening is almost done.

My pumpkins vines are starting to fade and die off, while the pumpkins themselves are turning a beautiful orange. I'm only picking yellow summer squash and zucchini every three or four days, and even then they're not big. I still have plenty of green tomatoes left to ripen. My butternut squash is getting a nice, thick yellow rind to them. And my cucumbers have been done for two weeks.

I had some great successes... my freezer is stocked with zucchini, summer squash, and a growing stack of okra. And I haven't done anything yet with my pumpkin and butternut squash yet. I got a lot of tomatoes growing and I'm still getting sweet and fragrant green peppers. But I also had some failures. Namely my corn. I have five ten foot rows of corn. All of it grew much taller than me. Yet I only got maybe a half a dozen ears from all of it.

How do I feel? My emotions are really mixed. Despite an episode involving spider guts, this garden has been an absolutely wonderful part of my life this summer. It gave me something to focus on while I waited for the school year to start. I made a new best friend over shared weeding. I got so excited about watching new things grow and discovering what would happen. And most of all, I loved eating what I grew with my own hands... me, Liberty, the girl who failed bean growing in first grade.

At the same time, it was a LOT of work. Not that I mind work. But there was a lot of it. So while I'm watching my plants start to fade away with the cooler weather, I feel like I can relax a little bit. But at the same time, it's like saying good bye to a part of my life that I put so much time and effort into.

But next year... next year my husband is going to allow me to double the size of this year's garden. So watch out neighbors. If you thought I gave away a lot of zucchini this year, wait until you see Liberty's Victory Garden next year.

I do want to thank everyone here for the wonderful and patient advice that you've given me. Most of all, thanks for the encouragement. It meant a lot to me.

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Cayuga Morning wrote on Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:50 am:

Great blog Ms. Liberty. Glad you had such a successful garden. It is true,there is nothing like eating veggies from your own plot. I have a suggestion about corn. I have had more success growing it in a solid block rather than rows. I think the tassles have a better chance of getting fertilized.

I am happy for you that you have had such as a good gardening experience this year.


Sjoerd wrote on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:56 am:

Hiyah Liberty,
Great posting. I have followed along how things have been going with your garden this year. You have a lot to be proud of, don't you? You had a super year, not the least of which was acquiring a new friend. Every year has it's successes and failures. I guess that's normal--it happens to me every single year.
I know that little blue spot that one has as they see their belovéd plants begin to melt-away before their very eyes at the end of the season.
I have that too, but it is soon replaced by the exuberance of planning for the coming year--getting the beds ready, looking through seed catalogues, plotting out what goes where,making size adjustments, doing planting for winter time harvests etc.
You know Liberty--this gardening hobby can be as simple or as complicated as YOU want it to be.If you want, you can do something related to your garden and plots all year round. I never take a complete break from it.Even if I am on hols,I am always looking for new and dif.things.


SongofJoy57 wrote on Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:44 am:

Hi Liberty. I sure enjoyed reading your blog entry. You certainly have the gift of writing . . . I would love to see your pumpkin patch now.

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