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"We're growing Libbys."

Category: Liberty's "Victory" Garden | Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:08 pm

I know many of you have had your gardens in for a very long time. I'm envious when I look at the pictures of your harvests that are coming in already. I didn't get my garden officially started until today. Part of it is the cool nights that happen all the way through May. The other part is waiting for school to finish for the summer.

And now I've planted. I planted a few things a couple of weeks ago just to get my hands dirty, but today was the big day.

The hubby and I hit all the local nurseries and bought everything I needed. Yes, I said "I." The husband does the digging, but he leaves the rest of the gardening up to me. It was a very productive morning and afternoon. Here's what I got planted...

Tomatoes: Celebrity, cherry, and Early Girl
Peppers: Sweet, jalapeno, hot chili, mole, and ancho
Herbs: Dill, basil, and oregano
Cucumbers: Slicing and pickling
Eggplant: White and black
Summer squash
Acorn squash

I still have a 10'x10' area that remains to be planted. I'll put in some sweet corn and radishes. My best friend, "Mally" Mallory, came over and helped with everything. We did her garden last weekend. Last year was her first year of gardening, as it was mine. This year we've both become more ambitious. Hopefully not to much so.

I do have to admit, the husband did help a little today. A thunderstorm started brewing on the horizon, so I asked him to plant the pumpkins while I finished the beets and Mally did the picklers. With his help we'd be able to finish before the storm. When he went to label the stakes, he wrote in "Pun'kin,' not because he's illiterate, but because that's his pet name for me... and we planted sugar pie pumpkins. He said, "We're growing Libbys." My husband is such a sweetie.

Now the rain is falling, giving everything a good soaking. Once it passes I'm going to take a shower, probably leaving a mud puddle in the tub (gardening is pleasantly dirty work), and make that Sweetie of mine take me out to a well deserved dinner.

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Netty wrote on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:43 am:

Sounds like the rain had perfect timing. I love when that happens :)

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