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3/29/12 Feel Better - Letting Go!!

Category: Garden In Action (2012) | Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:09 pm

This morning I am feeling so much better about the "used to be" issue. It's not anymore. I decided it wasn't worth saying anything and just going with the flow. Besides the reasons why I do this is not for cosmetics it's for the passion. I think what really made this all blow over was what greeted me when I got home besides IVAN the cat...remember the cucs, watermelon and green beans I just seeded Sunday? Well they are up and out..that made my whole day and actually made me realize that at that moment all the tension of the day went away when I saw that. So now I'm excited again to continue watching the seedlings grow. The ones that I transplanted this past wknd are doing well....gotta give them some weak fertilizer though this wknd.

Thank you all for your responses because they sure help take me through the day...I Love This GARDENSTEW FAMILY. Til Next Post!!! Have A Great Day.

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