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3/31 My Ah Hah Moments!!!

Category: Garden In Action (2012) | Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:50 pm

I have a lot to say this morning after yesterday's conversations. I truly believe certain people are placed in your path for a reason.

I had a conversation with someone who was totally unexpected. It was as if he was bursting at the seams to get out his frustrations. Just so happens that that person wasn't at work yesterday so we went out in the "garden area" and he told me the pricing on putting in that path that I blogged about earlier. Well let's just say that I know the boss and his stingy ways and he will not pay 1500.00 for that path. Well we both agreed on that issue. Then we start conversating about what transpired a few days earlier. I didn't bring it up...he did because he was right beside me. After a long conversation with him, he said that he saw how my boss totally ignored what I was saying to him and kept on going with his idea and everything that you tried to tell him wasn't going to work, he didn't want to hear it. He told me that he saw the hurt in my eyes because he saw my vision disappear in an instant. He told me that we both know how he is and that it would not have done any good to say anything because he does not listen to women. When he said that....I ran around the building because I knew at that point that i was right all along but had never heard it from anyone close to him. He also doesn't listen to people who are not at his level financially. Oh My God...I have been waiting to hear that from someone else thinking it was just me. I told him that I feel as though my dream was stolen or crushed in an instant and as we stand here in this space right now...i can't think about what i should do next because my dream was invaded. It's as if the switch turned off. I told him that working here is not my dream..but working in gardens and creating them are and the boss knows this. I can't tell you all how free I felt speaking to someone who understood exactly what I was feeling but them letting me know how they felt. He actually feels used like I did. He told me to never let anyone steal your dream and never let anyone hold me down. He is a gardener to his heart and he was as if i was saying those very words....THEN something hit me....he doesn't appreciate the work that i've already done to just come and take over ...spoke volumes to me.

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