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3/31 Ah Hah Moments (Part 2)

Category: Garden In Action (2012) | Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:10 pm

Moving on to last night!!! I finally told my hubby what happened earlier in the week. Now just a little background on my husband...speaks his mind..holds no punches!!!

He said if i were you...i wouldn't open up the door and take another step back there...all that work and time that you put into making that area something that all of you can be proud of after sitting there for 30+ years... (--ck Him) Then he said but i know that you already have plants back there...i wouldn't take anything else back there...find another place for your plants...I hate people who are like that especially him, he said. They have a word specifically for him and no one has used it in a long time....he's a chauvanist. He said that that word describes him to a tee and when he said it....I said that's it!!!! Then he also said that he's the type of person whom you have to show him rather than talk to him. When he figures out that you're not going back there...he'll come to you and ask why are you not going back there. But he also said that's what he would do, not necessarily what i would do...however, after the lack of feelings that i had for the area yesterday, i think that he is on to something. That was my AH HA moment!!!! Just take them to a garden somewhere else as some of you have suggested. I got up and went there this morning at 8 and potted 2 plants already there and just stood there for a really really did not feel like the space that i drempt about because all around the area i saw "his" area. I always knew that I was passionate about gardening but this is the first time that my creativity/vision(s) Has/have been clouded. So I guess it's true...don't mess with an artist while they're creating that masterpiece. Well, ladies and gentlemen..I am searching for a community garden as we speak..As you see i have a lot of seedlings to plant or give to someone....the last thing I need is to argue over a space that was supposed to be peaceful. I'll just move on!!! Thank God For My Hubby!!!

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carolyn keiper wrote on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:35 pm:

Good thinking, move on. Is there an elderly neighbor close that you can work in their beds and both have what you desire...a garden and someone/someplace to do it?


eileen wrote on Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:34 pm:

Just what I was going to suggest Carolyn. Maybe there's also a disabled person who would be grateful for both your company and your knowledge of gardening.

Do let us know if you find someone/somewhere to let all that creativy loose won't you? When you do keep us updated with photographs please.

hummerbum wrote on Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:55 am:

Ladies: I was thinking about an elderly person just yesterday. I'm working on it..even did a post on craigslist in this area for will definitely keep you all informed and with pics. Thank you for the votes of confidence.

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