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Seeds Are Planted!

Category: Mangoman's Blog | Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:12 pm

I finally got my seeds planted this past Saturday. Three varieties of tomatoes,one variety of sweet pepper, four varieties of hot peppers, one variety of eggplant, one variety kale, and one variety of squash. They are all heirloom varieties. The heat mat underneath is working nicely. The plastic lid steamed up within three hours so I am hoping the bottom heat will help germination. I should see something by the end of this week.
The weather is mostly still dreary and cool, cold at night. High today is 55, low tonight 30. I need warm weather to improve my spirits. Still three weeks until my back surgery. I am hoping for a quick recovery. Too much to do outside. More soon, peace.

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katfar3 wrote on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:44 am:

Hope all goes well for you mean one seed or one flat of seeds. Doesn't seem like one kale plant will produce very much.

mangoman52 wrote on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:03 pm:

There are 12 in a row, 6 across. I will also direct seed some once the weather is right along with carrots, beets, and beans. Thanks

mangoman52 wrote on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:05 pm:

Hi: I edited the blog so it might make more sense.

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