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Posted: 08 Jul 2018
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Posted: 05 Jul 2018
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A Rainy Start to July

Category: Secret Garden | Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:44 pm

It has been raining almost nonstop for a week now. We had to move up our planned purchase of stepping stones because the ground is just super smooshy. The plants seem okay with the rain so far. The only damage seems to be a bit of flattening happening to the herbs and brassicas.

I now have a new battle on my hands. My young herbs keep getting mowed down. I thought found the culprit on July 3rd: a tomato hornworm caterpillar. I can’t bring myself to kill them, and my neighbor doesn’t have a garden... 😄

But no. Last night, I found two cutworms munching on my Lemon Balm. They went to visit next door too. I guess I now have some rounds to make every night! That’s okay, though. Since it keeps raining, I have to keep reapplying my neem oil in the evening. 😅

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