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My way to attract birds....

Category: Bird Pergola.... | Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:37 pm

In the spring of 2007 my husband built me a cedar pergola for feeding the birds. I didn't have many birds here and when you move from a place that had a woods in the backyard, you really miss them. We planted many trees, arborvitaes and lilac bushes. The last 4 we put in were Blue Spruce about 6 feet tall.

The pergola has drawn many birds in and as soon as I figure out how to get my pictures small enough for here I will post a picture. I have quite a few feeders hanging in the inside of the pergola and when the weather was nicer, I had flower baskets hanging on the side. The birds love to play in the flowers..

I just drew in some Blue Jays and I would love to have some cardinals. I could hear them in the distance and the first day we hung feeders a couple of them stopped to check things out. But I have not noticed them since.
Here is my link to my Bird Pergola. I hope it works.. Sherry8

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Droopy wrote on Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:39 pm:

The linked worked. A beautiful pergola indeed. The birds should know what's best for them and start flocking there immediately.


toni wrote on Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:50 pm:

Great slideshow Sherry, I really enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful gardens.

Your husband did a fantastic job on the pergola, it really is a great gift.

dirt2diamonds wrote on Tue Nov 06, 2007 6:33 pm:

Enjoyed the picture. I love cardinals and have tons of colorful birds that I do not know the name of. I even have a woodpecker that I hear from time to time. I would love to get a picture to share with you. Enjoy the birds.


eileen wrote on Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:59 pm:

Thanks for the great slideshow Sherry. What a fantastic job your husband did on the pergola. I hope you get many different species of birds visiting your garden soon.


Primsong wrote on Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:42 pm:

I love the idea of making a sheltered place just for them this way. Are you going to be adding more to it, feeders, a birdbath perhaps?


Sherry8 wrote on Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:56 pm:

Primsong...if you click on the link it takes you to my pergola album and you can see the feeders all hanging in it. The birdbath is on the left now and we have many feeders. Now we have more than we did then. I also have the tray feeder closer too. Please CLICK on the shutterfly link to see....


DaphDaph wrote on Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:21 am:

Wow Sherry. Your photos are very inspiring. I live right next by the wetlands so I know how you feel. I'm sure your bird spot will attract many birds.
Where did you get all those clever ideas?

GardeninVanGogh wrote on Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:46 pm:

Will you plant vines/climber later on ?


Sherry8 wrote on Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:57 am:

I hope everyone can find the shutterfly link that shows more pictures of the pergola area and all the plantings.

YES, I have clemantis plus some other flowers planted around the pergola. They are just small because we just built the pergola in the spring. If you click on the link you can see everything better..If the clemantis die, then I will put some other vine.


bsewnsew wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:57 am:

Maybe you didnt put out Cardinal food?
I only do thistle now cause sister gave me some..
On the farm they eat all our crops. Nice fatties.

dirt2diamonds wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 9:13 am:

Everyone love the pergola but I lovethe grass that frames the entire view. Do you have any birds that like worms, because such a lush green oasis should have a worm or two. I love the pergola too.


Wrennie wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:52 pm:

Beautiful pergola The platform feeder the red winged blackbird was on, is probably where you'll see the most cardinal activity. Cardinals are 'clausterphobic' and tend to stay away from the feeders with the squirrel guard cages around them. They aren't very fond of the perches on the tube feeders either. Load up that platform with black oil sunflower seeds for them and their grosbeak cousins. When the spruce get bigger you may see them more. They like adense cover of evergreens.


DaphDaph wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:05 pm:

I agree with Wrennie. My cardinals prefer the open platform or bowl feeder. They love the black oil sunflower seeds. Also they like to hang and feed on the cage that holds the bird seed/fruit cake.


bethie wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:28 pm:

This turned out to be spectacular. Kudos to the builder. It not only adds to the beauty of your yard but is such a plus for wildlife. Love it.


Penny wrote on Fri Nov 23, 2007 6:09 pm:

What a beautiful yard you have.


Sherry8 wrote on Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:18 am:

dirt2diamonds....robins are our big worm lovers here and yes we have a lot of them. The soil is very nice now and filled with worms so it is great for gardening too.

DaphDaph...I like to watch gardening shows and go to gardening shows when they are around. I came up with the idea of building the pergola and hanging feeders from it because I wanted many different types of feeders in the area. Plus I wanted it to look good.

We are getting more birds every day and YES I keep black sunflower seeds on the tray for the cardinals so they will have a meal if they visit. The blue jays sure love the peanuts...and the finches and other small birds love the thistle and sunflower meats.


glendann wrote on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:45 pm:

Your pargola is wonderful Sherry.Your hubby did a wonderful job.I don't try to get birds to come as there are cats everywhere.


Sherry8 wrote on Fri May 12, 2017 12:53 pm:

We just took down the pergola ....a sad time for the birds but we waited until they could find other food easily. We plan on putting our home up for sale and thought it would sell faster without it. Not all people love birds like we do. This way whoever buys this home could put a swing set up in its place. I will post a picture of what it looks like now when we are completely finished with the corner...

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