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Posted: 25 Jun 2016
Am I Smarter Than a Chipmunk ....?
Posted: 20 Jun 2012
Larsen-Winchester Lions Club, making a wheel chair ramp...
Posted: 25 May 2012
Posted: 01 Oct 2011
A brighter place now....
Posted: 03 Mar 2011

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Am I Smarter Than a Chipmunk? part 2

Category: Tray feeder | Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:44 pm

2016 right now...two new baby chipmunks are running around the flower beds and in the pergola feeding of them has decided to take up DIGGING....digging my flowers out of the containers that I have just planted. If they want to plant their sunflower seeds, that is fine with me but why move my plants out of the way? sometimes they leave the plants and just dig holes and the roots dry out on my plants....I have bought an extra bag of potting soil so I can fill in and holes that they dig in my 41 containers around the yard....We have tried putting sticks in the planters to make it crowded for them so they can't didn't work...I wish I could find something they don't like so I could add it to every container. I won't harm them but most of the neighbors poison them so they take up residence a safe home.

I am still looking for ways to discourage the digging in my containers...any ideas, no matter how silly, let me know and I will try it... I am sad to add again this year that the Chipmunks have won again...But we did win with the tomatoes. We have 2 tomato plants on the side of the house and they would eat just a little off of the bottom of them. A few years ago we started planting the tiny small tomatoes, Patio tomatoes or cherry for them. When they are getting ripe, I lay them on the ledge of our blocks around the patio and later I will find them , half eaten. I feel good that I am keeping them away from the larger ones.... Here is Birdie..she is an inside cat but she does like to check out the chipmunks when the door is open...

Birdie my Cat... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

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Am I Smarter Than a Chipmunk ....?

Category: Tray feeder | Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:04 pm

I think the chipmunks are adorable but I had put a climbing clemantis on a trellis going up to the feeder by the patio....they use that as one of the ways to get to the tray feeder...

OK...last night I took the hanging trellis off of the tray feeder and layed it on the ground. I am not sure what I am going to do with the clemantis....I thought no more chipmunks clearing the tray feeder...there will be some safflower left on it for the cardinal and peanuts for the blue jays...WRONG!

I watched the chipmunks and they also use the lilac tree to jump onto the tray...OK again...I went and cut some branches off close to the tray...boy those little things can sure jump...I watched one of them jump and miss the feeder, I thought to myself I did it ! Up the tree again the little stinker went and this jump was good...onto the tray he went....

Now what? How much can I trim off of the tree ? Thinking, thinking and thinking but these little chipmunks are smart....The question is "Am I Smarter Than a Chipmunk?"

I really have to think about this.....he is so small and really loves to eat...but he doesn't just eat, he hoards everything off of the tray feeder and I let them use the one in the pergola feeding area...he shouldn't be that hungry. I can just imagine what his storage unit looks like for winter, full of peanuts and safflower to the top...

The reason I have the feeder so close to the lilac tree and the window was so I could take pictures of the cardinals, blue jays and squirrels and yes the chipmunks...I just might have to find another close location that I can move it to or just take it down until winter when the chipmunks hibernate...Most likely it will have to be taken down....the little creatures have won...I even tried spraying the pole with Pam , thinking they were climbing the pole.

You won little chipmunk and now because you always emptied the tray completely, you will have to fill up for the winter at the other feeder. Maybe I did win seeing I am smart enough to take the feeder down...what about it? Maybe we just better not answer, just think about it and what you would try.... of 2 babys ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

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Larsen-Winchester Lions Club, making a wheel chair ramp...

Category: wheelchair ramp | Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 4:27 am

My Mom had a stroke a few years ago...she was walking better but now is getting weaker so my husband and I decided it was time to get a ramp to get her in and out of the house easily...I think she really enjoys it by the last picture of her with the group that built it. Thank you so much Larsen-Winchester Lions Club..

The temperature was in the high 80's and 7 members came to build it for free. You pay for the wood and then when we don't need the ramp , they re-use the wood for another person...

Bringing out the small sections they made ahead ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Checking things out... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

adding a section... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Make sure it slants just right.. ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Rails next... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Now down the side of the house to a small sidewalk... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Here comes Mom on her scooter... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Priceless....she is happy ! ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Here is the group....that worked so hard.. ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Finished and Happy.... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

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Category: Halloween stories | Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:27 pm

A Knock in the night.....

I was in bed, we had retired earlier tonight than usual and all of a sudden something woke me. I layed there wondering if I was woke up by a dream or if I really heard it. KNOCK, KNOCK came again. This time I knew I wasn't dreaming. It wasn't too late but who could it be? I slid out of bed so quietly so I didn't wake anyone else....I thought why am I sneaking around in my own home??? But I wanted to be quiet to make sure the person at the door didn't hear me inside ! Walking in the dark, trying not to stumble over the dogs toys or bones....

As I was walking to the door to peer out the peep hole, I heard the KNOCK, KNOCK again...even louder and harder than before...and again KNOCK, KNOCK, had me worried ....what if I put my face up to peer out the peep hole and they knock again? Should I or shouldn't I look? HELP me decide what to do ! The longer I took the more worried I got....I thought to myself...I should wake up my husband to see who it was but then he would of opened the door to check around...I didn't want him going outside and look around on this night of all nights....

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK came again....I sat in a chair by the door....too scared to open it or peer out the little peep hole...who could it be? Why didn't they call my name as they knocked if they knew me? I grabbed for something to have in my hands to make me feel safer....KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK came again....

I decided to be brave and open the door and confront the I opened the door slowly I heard "TRICK OR TREAT" so I opened the bag of candy I had in my hands and reached down and gave them a couple pieces of candy. I had left the porch light on inviting all of these goulish little people to my door......Sherry8

Halloween decorations ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Halloween decorations ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

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A brighter place now....

Category: Tatouage/ rub on transfers | Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:31 pm

I have my sewing room/ironing room downstairs at my home. I wanted something to make it fun and to use the things I like. Of course that included birds and flowers.

I started this project over a year ago and decided to make a few changes to it...I found the wooden birds at a street fair in Waupaca, wi....In fact I had the birds first and then decided to incorporate a scene with them.

Tatouage is a rub on transfer and you can buy different scenes or murals. I thought about what I wanted on the wall and decided to add the birdhouses and branch...this was my result. I added the tatouage flowers separately too.

Now when I go downstairs to my room to work...I get to see a little whimsy of things I love. In fact there isn't any time that I go down there that it doesn't bring a smile to my face.

My sewing/ironing room ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden ) sewing/ironing room ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Sewing/ironing room ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Wooden bird and bird house... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Wooden bee... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Wooden cat... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Wooden bird and bird house... ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Wooden birds an a homemade branch.. ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Sewing/ironing room wall ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Tatouage...rub on transfer ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Tatouage...rub on transfer ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

Sewing/ironing room wall ( photo / image / picture from Sherry8's Garden )

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The Beauty of Nature through my Eyes....

Category: Bird Pergola.... | Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:03 pm

Nature....for as long as I can remember I have always loved nature. From the smallest bug to the most beautiful trees. I can close my eyes and remember picking dandelions...for giving as bouquets or to have a friend smell them and smear it on their nose...of course you had to be ready to run because they would do it back to you.


I remember picking 4 Leaf Clovers...Mom always said they were Good Luck ....and who doesn't want good luck ? To this day, I have seen her checking the grass looking for a 4 Leaf Clover...I hope she finds one.


Something so small to give you a feeling , a memory of when you were young or young at heart. I can close my eyes and remember chewing on a blade of grass...everyone did that. My older brother, did it all the time. I always wondered if he got his large goiter from doing that...Funny memories...that could be a whole new subject.


When I was younger, I had a best friend that loved nature too. We would go to an open field that had a few trees...we pretended these trees and a little grass around them were islands.We would lay on our backs looking up at the sky....just soaking it all in. We checked out the grasshoppers and any other bug that came along. Then we we tired of that we went to the stream, WOW....the greatest things we would see in the pond. Tadpoles or pollywog's...they were so neat. We put them in an old mayonnaise jar and watched them grow...we would take them back to the pond and get different ones so they wouldn't die.


Do you remember Lightning Bugs? I loved those too.You would take a mayonnaise jar and run around and try to catch some at night..Then you would take the jar and set it in your bedroom and sit and watch them light up for a few hours or until you fell asleep.


Just little things that make a big impression in your life. Have you ever thought about why someone or something has left a lasting impression? I have...someone you meet and something clicks and you are friends...something you see and can't wait to see it again. I think one of the most terrible things for me would be to lose my sight...I wouldn't see the flowers, the grass, the sky, the birds or peoples faces...Quite scary thinking about it.


Mother quite a wonder in my book. She keeps you guessing all the time with the weather, keeps you wondering when a flower will bloom, when the hummingbirds will make it here or the orioles? I could go on and on, but I think you can get the picture.


Next time you take a walk in a woods or walk down a busy street, take a moment and enjoy everything around you. The chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind in the trees, or feel the wind in your is terrific. In other words I think Mother Nature is the greatest...every experience is different....everything has a was put here for us to enjoy, so I hope you do. I hope I never take one thing for granted...the beauty of Nature is outstanding.

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Planting my fall bulbs...

Category: Planting Bulbs... | Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:21 pm

I just finished planting 186 bulbs in two days...I planted 60 daffodils, 10 allium and 116 of 186....I had taken out my hostas on the east side of the house in the middle of summer and planted daylilys because I was tired of them looking so bad in the middle of the season. I used to have over 150 hostas at the other house but I had a lot of shade and that they loved...It was beautiful I thought. In the tulips I planted blue ones, black ones, red ones, red and yellow ones and variety packages of all colors. I even had some of the fuller tulips that look like a peony, about 12 of them... In the daffodils I just planted the bright yellow ones..As hard as you try to get some organization in planting I think it is really hard when you are working around daylilys , a large butterfly bush, lupines and columbines. I put a group of bulbs in a small pail and just grab as I am putting them in the ground... Next spring will let me know if I achieved the look I was trying for.....Did you plant any bulbs this fall? Is so please let me know what kinds you planted... I love flower gardening and I am already thinking SPRING... anyone else have any new ideas that you tried in your flower beds?

These are from spring in my front flower bed...

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Those Pesty Rabbits.....

Category: yard problems | Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:49 pm

We have been fighting an unending battle with the rabbits since we moved to this home. I lived in the country for 9 years and we didn't see as many rabbits as we have here. Of course the advantage of living in the country is you can shoot them and our neighbors did. So no big problem. Now we still live on the outskirts of town but not real country especially how the area is building up. We are in an area where no guns are allowed to be fired because of the airport, but I do hear gun fire. I am not sure who is doing it or if farmers are allowed to shoot things.

This last week has been good for us...I put the cage or humane trap close to the steps where they like to run under and caught 3 in one week...GREAT...we finally found an area where they will run into it unexpectedly..I guess it wasn't the celery or carrots...We took the first one to an area with woods, water and plenty of food for it...maybe not my delicious flowers like he is used to eating here..LOL. That night I set the cage in the same place and presto....the next morning another one. So in the car again and dropped it off in the same area where we dropped the first one off..maybe they were related.. I got home and my husband set the cage again but no rabbit for about 4 days...The night I was going to put some fresh food in again, I forgot...and presto...the next morning a rabbit even without bait..I think it is just a place they liked to run through...The last one wasn't as lucky with joining his relatives...gas prices are at 4 dollars a gallon so he went to a closer woods but far enough away not to hop back here..Unless these guys are like dogs and can find their way back we might be bunny-less at least for a week or two.. I know we will get more..we always do, but at least we know where to set the cage to trap them unless they change their route...Hopefully my zebra mallow will have time to grow before they get munched down seems to be a favorite for the rabbits this season...

This one is Peter..

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To decorate or not to decorate outside for Christmas...????

Category: Christmas | Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:35 am

We usually don't put a lot of outside decorations up for Christmas but this year we went a little farther ...It all started with our new neighbors, Tom and Dawn. Very nice people and they have 2 children. I know this is one of the reasons they decorated was for their children. They made a real cute snowman with their Dad too after our first good snow on the weekend. I noticed the snowman had Tom's baseball hat on today...I guess he figures he will need a warmer one for our cold weather...

Getting back to decorating, our children are all grown so I guess you would say we decorate for ourselves and the neighbors. Tom started putting up his decorations so we did too. He put something up and then we did. It seemed just like we were trying to outdo one another...maybe it was a challenge...well, I took the challenge. We had never put holes into the siding before this year...the house is only a few years old so I suppose that is one reason we haven't. We really wanted the house to look good but not junky...

Well, I am happy to say Tom didn't go overboard and I was glad for that...I couldn't let him out-due us now could we.....?

I am happy to say we are done and I hope we have a lot of on-lookers that drive around looking at our neighborhood Christmas decorations. I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday...I did end up putting some large bells on the front door after the pictures ..I will add that picture after I take more...

How did you decorate this year? Maybe a challenge?

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My way to attract birds....

Category: Bird Pergola.... | Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:37 pm

In the spring of 2007 my husband built me a cedar pergola for feeding the birds. I didn't have many birds here and when you move from a place that had a woods in the backyard, you really miss them. We planted many trees, arborvitaes and lilac bushes. The last 4 we put in were Blue Spruce about 6 feet tall.

The pergola has drawn many birds in and as soon as I figure out how to get my pictures small enough for here I will post a picture. I have quite a few feeders hanging in the inside of the pergola and when the weather was nicer, I had flower baskets hanging on the side. The birds love to play in the flowers..

I just drew in some Blue Jays and I would love to have some cardinals. I could hear them in the distance and the first day we hung feeders a couple of them stopped to check things out. But I have not noticed them since.
Here is my link to my Bird Pergola. I hope it works.. Sherry8

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