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Lost In Time

Category: gardening | Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 3:20 pm

Don't know where the last two months have gone: seems like just yesterday I was planning gardens and now it's time to begin planting starts/seeds, worrying about BUGS!
Winter wasn't kind. I've noticed many things seem to be totally "out of whack" in their blooming cycles and/or simply leafing out. The daffies came up and bloomed before the tulips; lilac's..usually loaded with fragrant blossoms..are still sporting purplish colored leaves and only have SIX blooms on the entire bush; a China Rose bush didn't bloom at all; and it appears the Japanese lilacs/gooseberries will be bloomless as well. The roses are very "sad" appearing, but the herbs, Oriental poppies, and WEEDS seem to be outdoing themselves very nicely! Weather has been such it would seem the poor plants really don't know which way to turn: grow up or head back to where they came from.
Anyway: everything's prepared and ready to go..finally! Containers and old existing raised beds have all been emptied, refilled with new soils containing some "perker-uppers": cabbages, potatoes, brocolli, Brussels sprout starts and some seeds planted directly out. Greenhouse is full of plants waiting to be permanently transplanted; sunroom's overflowing with hanging baskets of ivy geraniums, etc. that'll take two days to move there's so many of them! If nothing else, yard should be quite colorful very shortly!
I've had an awful time getting seeds to germinate this year despite the proper care..has me totally stymied. Am almost ashamed of the peppers and tomatoes, but they'll either GROW once outside..or they won't, I guess. The vines (squash, cukes and zucchini) are even a bit on the slow side in growth, but are very healthy looking none-the-less. What's drastically needed, here, is some stabilized warmth instead of 80 one day, 50 the next and everything will begin to flourish..I have FAITH!
With all the yard work and "garden prep", I've seemed to have lost all track of time as of late. Been stockpiling bags of refuse, that can be used for composting at local landfill, for last few months, leaving them in the garage. Loaded the pickup to the BRIM with everything yesterday and made the trip: were landscapers there unloading grass clipping, etc. and I discovered I had MORE than they did..which got me laughing a bit. It must have looked like I'd been out "collecting" around the neighborhood instead of from ONE YARD! I salvage whatever I can for my own barrel composter, so all this other was weeds, branches, more weeds, cut up fallen tree limbs and twigs: was quite the assortment! Didn't realize I had so much til I had to empty it all out..and I wonder WHERE the TIME went?
Antelope have royally "dined" on easily accessible tulips in front yard, mowed 'em down to ground level! One recent afternoon there was a turkey parade right down the middle of the street: looked like the whole road turned into feathers with feet! Counted over 30, mostly hens but there were a few big tom's that blew up like balloons and strutted their stuff while stopping traffic BOTH WAYS! Was quite the sight to behold, a real "rarity" down here on the flats. Never even thought to grab the camera and take pictures, sure missed a "Kodak Moment" there! Think I'm lost in time...

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Jewell2009 wrote on Sun May 24, 2009 1:35 am:

Guess its been a little different for many of us weather wise. But is the weather ever the same for gardeners??? Sounds like you'll have lots of things growing in no time.


petunia wrote on Sun May 24, 2009 1:50 am:

I myself have been behind on getting things started due to my son graduating this year, but I to suppose everything will still grow. Can't wait to see new picts of your garden when things start growing.


SongofJoy57 wrote on Mon May 25, 2009 1:28 pm:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Especially the part about the "turkey parade." I, too, am sort of behind with planting a lot of my seeds. . . and I am in the sunny south. =(

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