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Category: gardening | Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:36 pm

March came in like a lamb (in Wyoming?) with days trying their best to reach 60 degrees despite winds! Snow drifts were still to be found in cooler shaded areas of yards, but where the welcomed warmth of sunlight hit, tulips began breaking dormancy and showing little mounds of coming thru the soil. Was time to go to WORK!
Two new raised bed frames had been sitting in workshop, needed "paver" block platforms built to keep invasive tree roots out before setting in place; some herbs needed digging out of their bed and potted; an old raised bed needed emptying and moving; the days were just perfect to be outside, get started.
The new platforms were installed, the frames set on them; the old frame set in place and designated to be nothing BUT an herb one, the potted-up herbs (in the greenhouse for time being) will be a good start in planting it as there's garden sage, oregano and hyssop that are already well established to this climate.
March 1 saw the seeding of decorative kales (5 varieties), other members of the brassica family slated for food, the tray of cells placed on a heat mat in sunroom that faces south, gets plenty of natural light..were beginning to germinate within 4 days, are now all up!
March 5 saw the seeding of a tray of various herbs, then flowers, flowers and MORE flowers, 10 trays in all or close to 400 plants! Due to daytime solar heat, nightime bottom heat from mats, action has already began with gazanias, bachelor buttons, moss roses and statice showing growth, expect petunias, etc. to begin any time. Wasn't room for everything on the mats, rest of trays were put in an "indoor greenhouse" on racks, will take a bit longer to show growth as it's not heated nights but sunroom is "holding" at 60 degrees then.. they can take it!
Between the outside work, filling of trays/planting seeds and jockeying around holdovers in sunbroom to make space for everything, had quite the busy time for a bit there! The excercise felt awfully GOOD tho', and these ole 67 year bones didn't seem to mind that much after a long winters' layoff.
My little dog "supervised" everything of course, his major worry was wondering if he'd EVER get fed once we started in, was greatly relieved when I rang his dinner bell on schedule each day, doled out the treats after..gotta keep the "Buddy" happy!
Today it's decided to snow, but it IS early March and to be expected here. However, I look out at empty planters and "see" them full of colorful blooms, vegetables growing and herbs thriving..must be MARCH MADNESS in all it's glory!

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