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Short & Sour: An Admisson from Monsanto

Category: Losing Control of Our Food Supply | Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:21 pm

I have begun to post about this on another forum. I include this here because there were some folks interested in this thread.


Well, at least someone is finally admitting it...:
A high representative for Monsanto has openly admitted that "We want to control the world's food supply."

Monsanto who provides 90% of the world's long list of genetically engineered products11 (having bought up 50 smaller companies during the last decade) does their business with such complete secrecy that there are still sold-out individuals out there...
In spite of the reassurances from Monsanto and its own lawyers and scientists that GMO cultures and Roundup herbicide are not health hazardous, it has been proven in their own research that rats have developed different forms of tumors and other health problems. However, instead of pushing the research further, they put a complete stop to it.

–from the article "New Movie Damns Monsanto's Criminal Behavior"

Those companies bought up include many seed houses.

This article is by French journalist and film maker Marie-Monique Robin who spent 3 years gathering information. Recently Monsanto seized the bank accounts of the French Farmers Association.

I thought throttling people for money was thug behavior...

Well, can't some lawyer come up with a lawsuit against Monsanto for contamination or something?

Not much editorializing here today. The admission of wanting to control the world's food supply is enough.

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