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My Garden So Far (2008)

Category: Gardening for Food | Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 10:42 pm

Garden update:

purple-podded peas, snap peas, lettuce mix, carrots, radishes, watermelon radishes, onion sets (red & yellow), garlic, turnip, potatoes--Yukon Gold, red Pontiac, white, All Blue and Rose Finn--, Bott's Strain Giant Sunflowers, Mammoth sunflowers, spinach, beets, asparagus, flax, oat, wheat, corn, spelt, buckwheat, parsnips--which never came up,

This year, I am trying to grow food for our chickens. It has gotten outrageous, and prices on corn & feed has virtually doubled. I have started a corn area at one end of the field, and I planted it as a corn maze for the kids.

I started some Italian onions right from seed. I planted them in the gutters that came off the house. They are small onions and they should do well in that space. One is a small white (like a pickling) round, and the other is a torpedo shaped red.

I have been planting my tomato, pepper, and eggplant that I started indoors. I also have some nice flowers that I Winter Sowed going into beds.

I am also trying peanuts and black sesame seed this year. We'll see how that goes. I have never planted them before. I like to plants something new or a "challenge" plant every year. The challenge is usually with something that shouldn't grow here usually, or something that is considered difficult to keep. I plan to plant amaranth and safflower among other things.

My perennial veggies are doing well: asparagus, rhubarb, shallots.

Let's see... I planted gourd seeds in cups. I had a flowering plant swap with a neighbor yesterday morning. I got an order from Raintree Nursery & am trying to get all that in too. I bought all edible plants, mostly small fruit & berries.

Boy, am I tired! ...but I cannot wait to get out there tomorrow!

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glendann wrote on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:33 am:

Robin your garden sounds very interesting.I like odd and unusal things too.Good luck on all you try.


Droopy wrote on Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:12 am:

You've certainly got a lot going. I'd love to see the corn maze, it sounds like both fun and useful. I wish you luck with growing chicken feed.

Robin282 wrote on Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:22 pm:

When the corn maze is tall enough, I will get photos.


SongofJoy57 wrote on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:48 pm:

My goodness! You are one busy and adventurous person!!!

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