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Getting Started (Late) in Central Florida

Category: Heirloom Vegetables | Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:31 pm

OK, so I'm a little (lot) late - but according to the University of Florida 'Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide' we've got a long enough season here to reasonably expect success at one last planting of summer vegetables.

I got these seeds soaking last night, and this morning moved them to damp paper towels before their move to seed starting mix in the coming days. I ordered all of these from Southern Exposure, attempting to choose varieties that can survive Florida's rough summers. If anyone would like a few seeds of any of these varieties, let me know - I bought the smallest packets but there are still many more seeds than I plan on using this late in the season. The asterisks (*) indicate certified organic seed.

Late Summer 2008 Vegetables:
Contender - Buff Valentine - Snap Bush Bean
Rattlesnake - Snap Pole Bean
*Liana - Asparagus Bean
Christmas - Lima Pole Bean
*Straight Eights - Slicing Cucumber
*Early Prolific Straightneck - Summer Squash
Ping Tung Long - Eggplant
*Arkansas Traveler - Pink Tomato
*Eva Purple Ball - Purple Tomato
*Roma VF - Canning Tomato
*Tropic VFN - Red Tomato
*California Wonder - Sweet Bell Pepper
*Jimmy Nardello's Italian - Sweet Drying Pepper
*Doe Hill Golden Bell - Frying Pepper
*Jalapeño - Hot Pepper
*Aji Dulce - Spice Pepper

Pictures of seeds will be coming soon, possibly on my website as 500 pixels would require a lot of resizing work on my part. Cross your fingers for me - this could actually be the season where more than just one variety ends up on my table!

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