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Oct.12,2007 will be my last day at Monterey Mushroom Plant.

Category: I am retiring from my job | Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 4:18 pm

I turned in my notice this past Wednesday at work.
I will miss the drivers and the ladies I work with and my friends but its getting to be to much for me.
We are always short on help and I end up having to work to many hours.I can not work 6 straight days any longer.I am exhausted all time and when I went in Wednesday, I found on the schedule every I was on for 6 days straight for a month and that did it.I will go back into my candle making more and play in my yard more but as I feel like it and not a must do.
I hope you all wish me luck and the ones who pray add my name in the roll call please.

Last edited: Fri Oct 05, 2007 6:12 pm

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heathermt75 wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 4:53 pm:

WHOO-HOOO!!!! This day has been long over due and I know you will feel a lot better once you get all that stress off your back!!


Droopy wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:53 pm:

I feel for you, but I do believe you're doing the right thing. Health first! If you don't take care of yourself, who will?


Frank wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 6:25 pm:

I'm sure it will be hard to leave your friends at the plant Glenda. But on the bright side you'll have more time for your yard, candles and little Oreo.

Best of luck!


eileen wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:12 pm:

I think you've definately made the right decision Glenda. Working yourself to the bone for others has to end so that you can have some quality time for the things you'd rather be doing. I'm sure your friends at the plant will be miss you but they'll also be happy for you and you can always pop in to visit them or they could come and see you.


CritterPainter wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:43 pm:

with a schedule like that, I'd definitely say you made the right choice. I truly hope you get some well-deserved rest (but not too much, that garden aint gonna weed itself, lol!)


dooley wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2007 10:24 pm:

Glenda, good for you! But, who is going to check every mushroom going out the gate now. That's how we knew they were good ones. LOL. You be careful making those candles. dooley


Netty wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:23 am:

Sounds like you made the right choice Glenda. Oreo will be so happy to have you home more!


wannabe wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 2:17 am:

I'm happy for you Glenda. It is so nice not to have to adhere to a time table but do when and where you want. Wannabe


glendann wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:01 am:

Thanks everyone for all the votes of confidence.I needed that so much.I think I will enjoy being a lady of leisure for a while anyway.


zuzu's petals wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 4:52 pm:

Ahhhh, Mizz Glenda ~
take a deep breath, and put a BIG smile on.
I know it'll be an adjustment,
but kick back, keep your jammies on for an extra hour,
and drink an extra cup or two of your fav beverage each AM ....
.... it's a tough job - but YOU CAN DO IT! :-D

Congrats, Glenda. It's gonna be great!!


glendann wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 5:02 pm:

Thank you Zuzu I can do it but I will be lost for a while.It will be nice to be able to do and go where I want to without looking at my schedule to see if I'm off and 9 times out of 10 I'm not.


kuntrygal wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:41 pm:

Good for you Glenda. Now maybe we can get together and go junkin! That will be so nice... You have my number and I have yours, so let's make a date!!


glendann wrote on Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:48 pm:

Yes,I was just thinking of that this morning.Wont that be fun.


toni wrote on Sun Oct 07, 2007 2:21 pm:

Glenda, this is really good news. You will feel so much better having the time to get done all the things you haven't had time for in the past.

Good Luck with the candles too.


glendann wrote on Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:54 pm:

Thank You toni.


SongofJoy57 wrote on Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:34 am:

Congratulations on your retirement, Glenda . . . You can always maintain those close ties with your friends and continue to bless them and be an inspiration to them . . . someday it will be their turn also . . .


glendann wrote on Sat Oct 20, 2007 3:27 pm:

Thank you Songofjoy.I do have some very dear friends that I left out there.I do miss going in but its a good miss.I am getting some much needed rest.

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