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Art and Garden Walk, Conclusion

Category: Ramblings | Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:05 pm

The Art and Garden Walk was fun! Got to see the backyards of gardeners extra-ordinary. Most had been in their homes for decades so there was hardly paths to explore the bounty. Couldn't figure out how to take pics so only have a few (camera seems to be dieing anyway-isn't focusing like it should). Lovely drifts of flowers in alleys and along banks by homes.

( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

Poppies and white ligustrum vulgare with lamb's ears ( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

I really loved this grass. It was in a huge ceramic pot, set up on a small terraced backyard.

( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

A backyard stone fountain was something I have always dreamed about having. This one was eye catching and peaceful. The grass in the back was one I had gotten at the plant exchange. It was nice to see what it will grow into (if I can ever keep the dogs from munching on it).

Stone and water garden ( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

Wooly thyme cascading over rocks is something I would love to replicate.

Wooly Thyme Cascading on Rocks ( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

Our neighborhood is older, working-class, and as lots have been subdivided some of the newer homes are right in keeping with the overall feeling of the neighborhood (small and cottage like). This house used brick-lined gravel path with an inset of tumbled blue crushed glass. It was picture perfect with the drought tolerant plants that were planted around it (I especially liked the flowering thyme).

Blue Glass and Gravel Walkway ( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

In one awesome garden I couldn't find a way to capture its beauty with only one picture, but this little bed of Deadnettle was just perfect.

Spotted Deadnettle - or pretty flowers ( photo / image / picture from Jewell2009's Garden )

It was fun talking with other gardeners and sharing. Spent the afternoon visiting in the backyard with old friends who stopped by. Divided up a few plants to share with other gardeners.

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daisybeans wrote on Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:21 am:

What a nice way to spend the afternoon -- all that beauty and creativity, right in your own neighborhood. There seem to be a lot of nice big rocks in several pics. Are there a lot of natural rocks in your area? And how did you like the crushed glass? I have seen that featured on some HGTV shows and wondered how it looks in "real life." The stone fountain is very nice -- sophisticated in a rustic sort of way. I do like all the pics. And congrats to you for being part of that nice day. Imagine the pleasure your gardens brought to other people!


Jewell2009 wrote on Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:24 am:

The rocks around here are basalt (rock quarries mine it) and glacial till (rounded boulders of varying sizes) as seen in the picture with the fountain (fountain was basalt). The garden with the grass had reclaimed cement blocks that had nicely aged. The picture with the wooly thyme looked like granite. We don't have much close by but they have huge mountains of it up north in B.C. and some in the Cascade Mts. Rock climbers love it. My brother is still climbing both ice and rock at 56 yrs.

When I had seen the glass on TV I couldn't imagine it in a garden and thought it would look very unnatural. I was surprised at how it was not garish, and seemed to fit right in with the gravel pathway and little area that it was in. The plants were actually more showy than the glass. Shows what you can do with an actual plan.

I loved the fact that it actually got me out into the neighborhood and walking around more in directions I don't necessarily tend to go.


Droopy wrote on Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:13 am:

Such a lovely, wonderful walk you had, you lucky girl. Wish I could have gone with you, I'd probably have to be hauled off, screaming and kicking.

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