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Iris, roses and three amigos

Category: Other Stuff around the yard | Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 4:12 pm

This year the iris bloomed heavily and there were four different kinds and I don't know their names -- if anyone does, I'd love to know. As usual in my yard, there are a LOT of blooms but not much variety. There was a large darker purple with big flowy petals.

large purple.... ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

There was another large flower with pretty light purple and white blooms. These two were the first to bloom.

large light purple and white ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

The last to bloom was this small, very dark purple iris. My camera doesn't quite capture how bright and saturated the color is. It's a smaller bloom and shorter stem than the others.

small dark purple... ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

Then, there is this one, with bi-color petals in reddish-purple and yellow. Again, camera doesn't quite capture the colors exactly. This one grew on really tall stems. These are the first blooms.

purply-red and yellow just starting to bloom ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

Many of the tall iris were bent over in the rain so I cut them and brought them inside. I totally enjoyed them, made the kitchen smell so nice and the many buds continued to bloom.

Of course Missy had to get in at least one of the pictures. She loves to have her picture taken -- when she is in the mood!

Missy ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

bi-color ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

My goal this year is to divde the iris beds and make some room for some different kinds. I think that will be pretty.

My roses are blooming... though not so profusely as in other years. I wonder if it because of the black spot? I continue to pick the leaves and spray with milk and I'm happy that the new leaves look healthy. Roses still confuse me... I'm not at all sure of what I am doing with these! I know they need to be pruned, when and how will be my next research project.

American Beauty -- this one has only gotten one bloom per year the past few years. This year this bloom plus 2 tiny buds. Poor girl does not look healthy so will need continued TLC! She does not give up and provides many lessons in resilience.

First bloom on American Beauty ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

The old bush by the fence is doing OK. Not great yet, but OK. Lots of blooms and buds. I wish I knew what it is called. It's about 50 years old at least.

bloom and buds on the old rosebush. ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

Last one, the yellow climber that doesn't climb... lost the tag, no idea what it is called. It's looking the healthiest of the three and I think the yellow blooms are pretty. Funny thing, it is right next to my neighbor's old pink bush and that one doesn't seem to have a speck of black rot. I wonder why?

first blooms on the yellow climber ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

Today when I went outside to snap the little purple iris, these three amigos greeted me and then we all had breakfast. I'm sure Lady will lay her eggs in someone's yard -- oh, I hope not mine! As I have said before, I worry so about nests and babies in my yard, I lose sleep!!! But we shall see.

Good morning three amigos ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

...have some breakfast! ( photo / image / picture from daisybeans's Garden )

'til another day!

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glendann wrote on Sun May 17, 2009 4:25 pm:

I think purple irises are so pretty but yor tri color is just as pretty.Your 3 amigos seem to like it at your home.


Droopy wrote on Sun May 17, 2009 4:37 pm:

I love your visitors, they're so cute. :) You've got some very nice irises there, wish I culd walk around in your garden and study them all up-close.


kuntrygal wrote on Sun May 17, 2009 7:23 pm:

Love your little visitors. You will keep us updated if they decide on your yard!!

The Iris are all beauties. Purple, lavenders, and the bi-color.They are all winners. Then your roses are gorgeous. Your yard must look like paradise.


eileen wrote on Sun May 17, 2009 7:54 pm:

I really like the photograph of Missy with your iris. She looks as though she knows just how to pose for the camera!!

Your roses are so far ahead of mine as are your iris. It'll be a few weeks yet before I have any blooms.


Netty wrote on Mon May 18, 2009 12:27 am:

Very pretty blooms daisybeans.
The 3 amigos are cute, and are sure to stick around for the bread. Fingers crossed that she won't lay eggs in your yard!


daisybeans wrote on Mon May 18, 2009 4:03 am:

Well Netty, I think they may be reconsidering any thoughts of nesting in my yard. Austin (cat #2) slipped out behind me and ran down the steps. The ducks flew off in a flurry of wings. Austin stopped in his tracks -- he didn't have a clue what had just happened. He's a 14 pound scaredy cat. But I suspect to the ducks, the neighbor's yard is looking mighty peaceful... they have bread and no cats, just a lizard.

Thanks for the comments, you guys.


Jewell2009 wrote on Mon May 18, 2009 4:32 am:

Your flowers are lovely, and nice meeting Missy (just as lovely). Good luck with the ducks!


gardengater wrote on Mon May 18, 2009 5:26 pm:

Beautiful Iris, daiseybeans. I don't know what mine are either, but love them just the same. Missy seems to enjoy them as much as we do.

Jennifer Scott wrote on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:12 pm:

Gorgeous iris and I love the first picture you posted of it. I also love the pictures of your roses. Thanks for your comment when you visited me at "Gardening with Miss Daisy".

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