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Posted: 16 Jul 2006
sold out!!
Posted: 10 Jul 2006
garden going bonkers
Posted: 06 Jul 2006
Posted: 04 Jul 2006
Hello from Indiana and welcome to my farm escapades!
Posted: 04 Jul 2006

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garden going bonkers

Category: starting my organic garden | Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 12:42 pm

yesterday when I got to the garden everything looked peaceful. The dill is really taking its time coming up and I dont know why.some are a foot tall and others 3 inches. we weeded the strawberries which when we planted looked like a lot but now are not enough. we have really learned this year about quantity. what we thought seemed a huge amount is just really not enough, which when you think about it is scary because this amount now is kicking our butts!! Yesterday was abeautiful 83. perfect weather to be outside. our green bean crop is ready to harvest.we have 15 rows 50 feet long. I told the kids they were mine on Friday! green beans everywhere! our customers will be so excited!! they have been waiting for beans since june. after the bean yee haha we walked down to the potatoes and they are ready too! we have 4 varieties in two rows each 50 foot long. we will have enough for small and big ones. Yea!! The turnips are also ready to go. we prob. should have picked them today but will have to wait till fri. My partners hubby turns 40 on sat. and she is having a huge party for him so things are a little backed up on fri. the market is on sat. and I hope we do well, the last 3 sat. have been a bummer. people want beans and toms, beans and toms. the cabbages are also looking great. we have several small heads. we planted a variety of small cabbages. the arrowhead one is about ready to be picked. it is very cool and shaped like an arrow. I hope it sells well. we thought the smaller ones would be attractive to people that live alone or have just two. its perfect for a meal. The excitment kept going on when we hit the toms. and had a perfectly red cherry tom. only one but boy was it good. we planted 5 varieties of heirlooms and they are big but green. today I need to go stake up a few of them that are just huge. I hope by sat we have a few. we were struggling with how to package the potatoes. we went to the paper supply but they did not have anything. we do not have a scale and don't really want to buy one this late in the season. I want to buy a cool looking one and my partner wants to buy an old fashioned one. we are at an impass while neither really wants to spend the money. we decided to use paper mache baskets that the man who runs the market will sell us for 17 cents a piece. thats right up my alley. we will bag the beans and sell by the bag. its amazing that people will hear its organic and not even look at the price while our neighbor has the same thing only not organic two times cheaper. people really like the fact that it is organic and so do we!! well I need to get out there. thanks for stopping by!!

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Hank wrote on Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:38 pm:

Speaking of not having enough vs. growing too much:

Friends of ours have a family run organic garden that they all earn their living from. They have been doing it for years and have a really good idea of how much to plant for the demands from the retaurants and farmers markets they supply. And they always plant too much. As they've said, it's a lot easier to plow under rows of unwanted tomatoes than it is to have an empty stand at the market.

In fact, last year was a bumper crop for red taters. They were calling everyone they knew to come and take as many as they wanted. They had twelve 600' rows left, and only five weeks of markets left. They would sell about 1 row per market, so about half of what was left was gonna get plowed in. I took three bushels and brought them to work.

It's silly for me to grow veggies when I have friends like these, but I do it for my own enjoyment.

Good luck with everything! Hopefully it all works out.


jubabe296 wrote on Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:20 pm:

Wow!! Friday sounds like a busy day for you and the kids!! I love organic grown veggies!! Fresh green beans and potatoes are soooo good and being organic makes them even better!!! Good luck with the market this time!!


glendann wrote on Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:32 pm:

Got my fingers crossed that your tomatoes turn red for you to sell on Saturday Green beans and fresh potatoes are just the best.
Good Luck

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