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Posted: 16 Jul 2006
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Posted: 04 Jul 2006

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the small things in life...

Category: starting my organic garden | Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:13 pm

The market on Sat. went well. I sold out of everything but onions and thought"I am not sitting here in 94 degrees for onions" so I went back to the garden. Our garden is on my parents property. M father doesn't get around very well. His knees hurt him to walk. He turned 73 this year. He was an avid gardener in his day and has been an extreme help to me. He put his straw hat on and we drove down to the garden. We picked carrots, beans, potatoes, and cucumbers for mom. We also stared at the huge tangled mess that is the toms. we found two green peppers... suprise!
While I was pulling carrots I thought to myself I will remember this day forever: picking veggies with my father.. he is a man of few words but in the quietness of the morning I could hear I love you from him in every weed he pulled. I know this sounds sappy... This garden is turning out to be more of a life lesson than a gardening adventure.

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Desert Rat wrote on Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:29 am:

It doesn't sound sappy at all. I hope we all see more writing from you. Good stuff.


glendann wrote on Mon Jul 17, 2006 5:34 am:

I wish I could hear my Mom and Dads voice just one more time .Your not sappy .Just be sure to savory the moments you have now as I look back and remember my times with mine .I always enjoyed them teaching me how do gardening and still do the things they taugh me. They were two of the smartest people I ever knew .You will miss yours someday as I miss mine so very much.


dooley wrote on Mon Jul 17, 2006 3:45 pm:

I miss my parents too. I lived away from them for a lot of years. They died soon after we moved to Arizona. When we visited my dad would take us for rides up and down the mountains, trying to see how scared he could make us. Way up on one side of the road and way, way down on the other. Sometimes it was so steep you couldn't see the road in front of you. Dooley


jubabe296 wrote on Mon Jul 17, 2006 4:06 pm:

GGO I loved reading this entry!!I don't thnk it was sappy at all. It is very heartfelt!! A father and his little girl are a very special thing!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

girlgoneorganic wrote on Mon Jul 17, 2006 6:25 pm:

you'all are so sweet!! why does it take us being grown to realize what life is about? I do treasure every moment with him. a few months ago I got on him for not saying goodbye, he would just leave, I said what if something happened to either of us and we never said goodbye? well now he makes a point to say 'goodbye daughter" everytime we part. and we laugh for somereason. it seems comical like he is just pleasing me for a stupid reason but deep down I know he likes it! Thank you all for sharing with me about your dads.


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