nothing exciting - just keeping some notes here - March 09

Category: garden 2009 | Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 11:15 pm

no germination/seedlings yet from previous sowing
soil too dense? and pots too small for the snow drops
got some annual seeds from easyliving wildflowers
probably could've spread the seeds out more -
2x Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage (red topped cat litter containers) - some seed left over
2x Cleome serrulata (shoe box containers)
2x Chamaecrista fasciculata - partriddge pea (1 blue topped kitty litter, 1 circular "pastry" container)

will contact john at easywildflowers about his scarification method for the blanket flower
last week of march? - the celandine / wood poppies are showing

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