a bit more exciting - just notes/ image heavy April 2009

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week of 4/4/09

some ? maybe lavendar? seedlings in one of the pots by the back entry - and maybe? a hyssop, too - in another pot.

some tiny unknown seedlings ? maybe snapdragons? form last years annuals by the itea and a few more in another place in that same bed.

garlic mustard seedling ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )
(nuh-uh. no way were these snap dragons. Garlic mustard rears it head - again!)

echanachia is starting to pop up.
noticed that jewel weed seedlings are about
also notice 2 ? more of the ? mimulus - by the joe pye/milk weed area
tiny circea seedlings
in addition to the geranium by the lindera- I also noticed some across the way (viburnum)
and some of the dicentra - both by the sacred viburnum and the cherry - this makes me happy - I didn't think I would see those this year.

dicentra ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

spotted some of the solomons seal peeking thru by the cedars yesterday - and if you look real closely you can see one starting to poke thru where they were transplanted last year (right side of "water feature") - time will tell if the "false" solomons seal bareroots come thru in the same area.

solomons seal ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

some small sedlings in the front planting - not sure if thats hepatica or something else

and BEHOLD was that some bloodroot coming up too - JOY! I noticed three in the front planting, and another one in back by the cherry.

bloodroot ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

no sign of the jacks or the asarum canadense yet.

it seems that some of the bare roots I gave up on last year did indeed make it - I'm curious to see how many truly do.

I really must get my locations set for the incoming easywildflower order of plants and the bareroot shrubbery from coldspringfarm - I have less tha two weeks for that and want to figure out where everything will go and have ot prepped before they arrive.
I think early may the ionexchange stuff will come- and by that time I'm hoping many of my winter sown goodies can be x planted.
" I am juglone tolerent"
on moving shoe boxes to shade
I think next wek - or this weekend. I think they need the warmth. actually,
as soon as the (dreaded) maples leaf out they'll certainly b e in shade - but closer to the back door will help with ease of watering. next few days - in the thirtys at night.

***wishes - cut down trees back ( leave walnuts) (and - maple in yew?- and southeast corner)
two maples (+ - by te walkway to back)

****wishes- software (use on mac upstairs- ) garden software - or use appleworK? - software w/adding personal o=pics?

week of 4/8
popping up:
Eurybia divaricata /Aster divaricatus (White Wood Aster)

White Wood Aster ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

one of the Dicentras (not sure maybe squirrel corn?) with some tiny Circaea lutetiana (Enchanter's-Nightshade)
Geranium ?maculatum with Impatiens capensis (jewelweed)
Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine Poppy, Wood Poppy)
and of course plenty of viola

wood poppy ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

viola ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

Echinacea is popping up,
as is Virginia Knotweed aka Jumpseed - Polygonum virginianum (Tovara virginiana, Persicaria virginiana).
Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry/white flowers) - not popping up exactly, it's evergreen ( and very aggresive) around here.

4/9 YIKES cold stream farm delivery came today - luckily, I made some holes, but not all.
after too long debating some of 'em, I ending up just putting them in the ground (save one smal xtral red twid - that went in a small pot for now) - they should be transplantable later -

The red twigs are 1- in with the vinca by the PI tree, and two more behind the rocks - behind the seat.
couldn't put them too close to the monstrous maple.
orig. one by water feature, but I ended up planting 2 more there for now.

the elderberries are close to the original - but to the left facing outside.- one by the crotch of the moss log, on higher uo on the sacred mound., and the fourth farther baclk - left corner sorta - facing out.
that one has two lindera companions back there.

the other two lindera, I put by the original.

nine barks are around the edges of the birdbath/stump/v creeper area.
one where the bayberry was. - they sorta circle around the area - last one is just to the right of the walnut - where the ferns were, and were the false solomons seal never came up -

mahonia - 4 to the right of front door (facing door) one in a bit of sum on the path side of that "planting area where the dead tree w ivy is.
another 2 on the other (left) side of the f door and a small x tra planted in the white pot out there - I'll have to transplant that eventually

I only received 5 of the 6 x mas ferns - they are currently living in front of the closest ninebark - until I figure wht to do with them.

I dn't think I was very prepared.

white throated sparrow encounter -
sitting on porch - original where occasional boss is. flew right passed me towards front door - perched on railing and just "hung out" for a bit. if I reached out my hand I'd be just short of touching it - very close.
I turned my head only and shared in the encounter.

week of 4/22:

circeae has grown just a little
solomons seal is certainly coming along in an assertive sort of way,
and my first sanguinaria (bloodroot) bloomed a day or two ago

Sanguinaria Canadensis bloodroot Bloom 04/16/09 ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

my first viola bloom - soon there will be many,

viola bloom ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

and wood poppy/celandine poppy - Stylophorum diphyllum just about to burst forth in it's yellowness...

Celandine/wood poopy about to bloom ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

week of 4/29:
celandine (Stylophorum diphyllum) is blooming,

wood poppy bloom ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

ostrich and christmas ferns are unfurling

christmas fern ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

and finally - teeny, tiny ginger (asarum) leaves are emerging

asarum - native ginger ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

other ferns are coming too
sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis)

sensitive fern ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

also (and I'm VERY happy about this) the Jacks are coming!
I tried to get a photo, but they're all terribly out of focus.
gonna have to wait until they get a bit larger.

love the columbine
I've got some tiny seedlings from wintersowing and I'm also expecting some plugs next month from ion exchange.

Jacks are UP!

Jack in the pulpit ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

native strawberry is a-bloomin'

wild strawberry bloom ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

and solomons seal is ready to dangle.

solomons seal - ready to dangle ( photo / image / picture from bubbleoffplumb's Garden )

... on to May ;)

***5/8 note to self:
now that notes are caught up, try to post weekly - or at least a few times/ month.

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eileen wrote on Fri May 08, 2009 1:26 pm:

You shown us some terrific photographs and I hope you'll post many more. What a lovely way to keep a record of what's going on in your garden from month to month.


gardengater wrote on Fri May 08, 2009 7:05 pm:

You must have an incredible wood garden. Hope it all does well for you.

shannonrose wrote on Sun May 10, 2009 1:52 am:

I am trying to start a woodland garden or at least help my existing one grow more then just poison ivy. YOu have some nice pics and posts


Green_Numb wrote on Sun May 10, 2009 12:57 pm:

lots of stuff emerging from your yard! I just bought an ostrich fern, it just came up a week or so ago....looks like its gonna do well. :-)

nice pics..


bubbleoffplumb wrote on Tue May 19, 2009 12:30 am:

Thank you eileen, gardengater, shannonrose, and Green_Numb for the kind words and the visit.

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