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July 24, 2010

Category: Garden Projects | Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:48 am

Well, here we are in the midst of summer now, and I have been able to add a few more plants around the gazebo. Rather than knock-out roses, I opted for euonymus "Emerald Gaity", with yellow daylilies and lavendar to surround the backside of the gazebo. At pond's edge, I've added zebra grass, delphinium, vinca, speedwell and dianthus. Flanking the entries to the gazebo, I planted calla lilies. I saw no ducks this season, so I risked putting in 2 more waterlilies, and 2 lotus. The following week, ducks showed up, and the lilies are history. Oh, well. This weekend I'm adding cardinal flower and water hibiscus. Across the pond from the gazebo, to serve as a focal point from that perspective, I have planted Giant Elephant Ear (two varieties), and canna. More are needed in that area to really be beautiful.

Another project this summer was to raise a low, wet area under some trees through which a creek flows. This creek is the one that feeds the pond. It has always been weedy and unsightly. That project is still a work in progress. The fill dirt has been brought in, and the area is beginning to dry nicely. We've planted a dozen or so azaleas of different varieties, but all in pinks and whites. I can't wait to see this next spring! Native arrowheads are popping up. An entire pallet of mulch has been brought in, but still needs to be spread, and we plan on adding a picnic table or two in the shade of the trees.

new plantings at gazebo ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

delphinium "Guardian Lavender" ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

view of gazebo from across the pond ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

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