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February 17, 2011

Category: Garden Projects | Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:16 am

More foundation work and hardscaping continued through 2010. Barbed wire fencing was torn out and new wooden fencing replaced it. Very fine looking. I want to cover it wisteria or some other climbing plant, but my husband refuses. Can't say I blame him too much. The fence really does look beautiful just the way it is!

Then we installed 3 bridges at varying points along the creek that runs through the property. Besides being beautiful, they serve the very practical purpose of providing dry access between all the pastures. Since the day we bought this property, I have wanted a covered bridge, and my husband did, in fact, make me one! It will be a focal point from the house site, and another prime spot for me to develop a garden around.

The boggy area around the small creek that feeds the pond has dried out nicely. We brought in truck loads of dirt to raise the area somewhat, and dug a small little "pond-ette" to help collect water from this area. The mulch has been spread, and a fire pit built. Along with the azaleas I planted last spring, in the fall I put in daffodils in some of the brighter areas. I am currently trying to map out a design for this area, and will hopefully spend this summer planting in this area.

The euonymous I planted around the gazebo last year has turned out to be a mistake. It did not do well at all. I will transplant this spring with Buford holly. (I have that up near a concrete storage building, near the house site, and it has performed very well.) The weeping willow, day lilies and calla lilies also performed well at the gazebo. This week we have someone installing screening on the gazebo, to keep out the wasps and birds that kept trying to build nests all over the ceiling last summer.

fence along north border ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

covered bridge ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

Northern boundary fence ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

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July 24, 2010

Category: Garden Projects | Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:48 am

Well, here we are in the midst of summer now, and I have been able to add a few more plants around the gazebo. Rather than knock-out roses, I opted for euonymus "Emerald Gaity", with yellow daylilies and lavendar to surround the backside of the gazebo. At pond's edge, I've added zebra grass, delphinium, vinca, speedwell and dianthus. Flanking the entries to the gazebo, I planted calla lilies. I saw no ducks this season, so I risked putting in 2 more waterlilies, and 2 lotus. The following week, ducks showed up, and the lilies are history. Oh, well. This weekend I'm adding cardinal flower and water hibiscus. Across the pond from the gazebo, to serve as a focal point from that perspective, I have planted Giant Elephant Ear (two varieties), and canna. More are needed in that area to really be beautiful.

Another project this summer was to raise a low, wet area under some trees through which a creek flows. This creek is the one that feeds the pond. It has always been weedy and unsightly. That project is still a work in progress. The fill dirt has been brought in, and the area is beginning to dry nicely. We've planted a dozen or so azaleas of different varieties, but all in pinks and whites. I can't wait to see this next spring! Native arrowheads are popping up. An entire pallet of mulch has been brought in, but still needs to be spread, and we plan on adding a picnic table or two in the shade of the trees.

new plantings at gazebo ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

delphinium "Guardian Lavender" ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

view of gazebo from across the pond ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

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January 16, 2010

Category: Garden Projects | Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:42 pm

Following the building of the dams across the upper creek, I set my mind to "beautifying" the area around the metal utility building. I began a rock garden on a slope bordering the drive up to the building. It was a satisfying way to spend my time for about 2 years, but I lost control of the area because I simply couldn't spend enough time on it to keep it in check. I have since moved many of the plants to different areas, and more attention went toward hardscaping in anticipation of our permanent move to the land. Once we actually settle here, I'll have the time it takes to maintain a flower garden.

About 5 years ago, my husband and I decided to dig out a swampy, trashy area and build a small pond in its place. What a dramatic improvement to the land that decision was! This past summer we reshaped one end of the pond, thus enlarging it a bit. It measures roughly 3/4 acre. We also built a gazebo overlooking the pond. The gazebo is flanked on 3 sides by weeping willow trees. I've planted canna lilies on either side of the edge that sits out over the pond. This summer I plan on planting knock-out roses along the back edge.

In addition to canna lilies, arrowhead is growing along the pond edge in a few places. I want to add some ornamental grasses here and there, along with come cardinal flower and blue lobelia. I planted 3 different water lilies this past summer, only to have them disappear a week later!!! Turns out, ducks find waterlilies a real treat, and we have a pair of mallard ducks who have adopted our pond the past two years in a row for family-rearing. I enjoy the ducks, so I guess I have to forgo the lilies.

the dams in winter ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

waterlily - BEFORE the ducks ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

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Welcome to Arleene's Garden Blog

Category: Garden Projects | Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:45 am

Hello. I'll be writing my blog to help me keep track of my thoughts and plant usage throughout the course of developing the land my husband and I own in beautiful North Carolina. We bought this land 15 years ago, with the intention of retiring here. We own over 100 acres, much of it wooded mountainside. We have made several improvements to the land since aquiring it.

Our first project was to establish a base of operation. We built a large metal utility building to serve several purposes. First and foremost, at that time we needed a place to stay on weekend visits to the property. The building has a full bathroom, and was installed with adequate heating for year-round "camping." Over time, the building began to house a tractor, ATVs, other utility vehicles, lumber, fuel, tools, and other storage.

We built 2 dams across a small creek, intending to use the resulting ponds as a water supply for a house site nearby. My dad and I built the stone facade on both of the dams during one summer. Water spills over both dams and continues its course down to a larger creek that cuts through the pastures.

Future blogs will outline developments up to current times, and then I'd like to jot down my future plans.

dams in winter ( photo / image / picture from arleene's Garden )

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