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Posted: 26 Aug 2010

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homemade glasshouse/seed raising area

Category: general growing conditions | Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:49 am

Well, today I decided to make use of an old window I bought years ago from a salvage yard.

I propped bricks along the wooden edge of one of my garden beds, and bricks along the sides and front edge of the window. Now the side edges are higher at the back, sloping down at the front, so that I can have the glass window facing the sun in the morning. It has plenty of drainage, as water would just run through between the bricks and away, and plenty of air able to move through .

I lined the bottom with old bags which originally had sheep manure in it, and will cover that with Blue metal rocks, and a couple of bricks inside to keep the heat in. After I washed the window to help with heat transfer, it heated up very quickly, so I may have to watch it doesn't get too hot. I may have to put another row of bricks in to raise the glass up another level.

I also waited for a couple of eggs to be laid, rather that come back and find the crow had beaten me to it. I was watching the proceedings with interest, and the second chook laid a broken egg.
Weird, huh? It obviously needs more egg shell and grit, because the shell was broken inside her, and the laid the white, then the yolk, then the broken shell. (it's like skin until air hits it, then it hardens up outside. Lucky, isn't it!) I've quarantined her in a clean cage, given her food and water, and shell grit, and we'll see how she goes. She didn't look as healthy as most of the others, so maybe she's not getting as much of the food as the others. Now there's no competition with her, maybe she'll pick up come condition.

from the side, with strawberry patch ( photo / image / picture from debbieteale's Garden )

homemade seedraising area ( photo / image / picture from debbieteale's Garden )

Now I've just got to line the bottom with blue metal, and it's ready to go!

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Sjoerd wrote on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:46 am:

Nice posting.
I would like to see a foto ofg that structure, Debbie. It sounds like irt will be effective. Sun/heat will be your enemy asd the season progresses, so you'll either need to whitewash the inside of the glass bits ot find something liuke an old venitian blind to throw over it at mid day and of course prop the top open from time to time. That should be a helpful thing to have.

Too bad about the crow and the egg. It sounds like you made a quick and accurate diagnosis for the chook.

Well done you.


debbieteale wrote on Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:58 am:

Thanks Sjoerd. I eventually want a proper greenhouse/shadehouse, and have an old Cattle tray from the truck. It will make a great frame for one.
In the meantime i'll just make use of little seed starters.

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