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Tomato Sunrise and Raised Beds

Category: Heirloom Tomatoes | Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:47 pm

Hello again from West Virginia.
I have finally taken the time to set down at my computer and put in an update about my garden. And what a garden I had this year!! Our year started out with spring in January. Record warmth,so I started my seedlings in the greenhouse a lot earlier than I normally would. By march 15, I had chard, broccoli, kale and lettuce transplanted. I also put out 7 raised beds with Red Norland and Yukon gold potatoes as well as banana and French fingerling potatoes. I planted 20 pounds total and my harvest was almost 250 pounds. Needless to say, we are truly enjoying our potatoes.
My wife and I also spent many an evening putting up tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti and chili sauce from our never ending supply of tomatoes, (all of which were heirlooms this year).
Pole beans and bush beans kept us busy also as we decided to pressure can these rather than freeze this year.
The drawback to our warm winter and early spring was the bugs. Powdery mildew got my cucumbers and all of our squashs fell victim to squash bugs. Corn bores did a lot of damage to the sweet corn and the wind finished it off.
Next year I plan on turning my entire garden into raised beds and let the grass grow between the bed and just keep it mowed. I spent too much time and money mulching and weeding. Raised beds are the way for me!!
Until we visit again, take care and God bless you.
So long from West Virginia

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