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One More Year in the Books

Category: Wildlife in the Garden | Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:42 pm

Hello again from West Virginia.
As I set on the deck overlooking the 10 acres that I call my corner of the World, I add one more year to the growing number I have truly enjoyed. Looking after my granddaughter, tending to my ever expanding garden, trips to my favorite fishing hole, hours spent watching the critters that visit my yard and the quiet times I spend with my Wife of 30 years, I am blessed!
This year was very hard on the critters in our area. Record hot days with no rain, all the natural food sources were gone by early summer. Crop damage by deer was at an all time high. The deer finally ignored my low volt fence and broke thru and ate every bit of green in my garden. Not one or two deer, but a herd. My garden was gone in one night. Squash plants, rhubarb, tomatoes, melons, green beans, peas, corn, chard, kale and carrots all filled the menu for this hungry horde. The only thing we saved were the potatoes. Good thing I had put my shovels away that night.
Never have I seen such an onslaught by deer! I thought that rhubarb was toxic in the leaves? That sure did not stop them from munching them to the ground. First this year was the swarms of grasshoppers, and the the swarms of deer, but I think we have a few more plagues to go before we catch up to Egypt.
So I will clean up my garden one more time and expand it just a few hundred more square feet. I still have 6 acres to get under the plow before I cash in my chips. For right now, I will enjoy a cup of coffee while I set in my favorite chair out on the deck and watch the sun set behind the Blue Ridge mountains.
Stay safe and God bless you.
And so long from West Virginia

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Netty wrote on Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:17 pm:

Sounds like a lovely spot! We have had a lot of trouble with deer this year too. They loved the potato foliage this year and also surprised me by eating the Ricinus to the stalks. There wasn't a plant left un-tasted by them this year!
Good luck!

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